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7 Edible Flowers ideas for perfect for food Lovers

Dates back flowers are most used to give good aromas to food and this experiment now catching the trend. Now so many bakers and cooks use edible flowers to give the distinct flavor and aroma to food. Flowers have nice colors and beauty that enhances the beauty of food. On the other hand edible flowers nicely mix up with soups, salads, desserts and cake to make it a heavenly dish. You can do so many experiments to use edible flowers and enhance the flavor of dish. I will talk about 7 edible flowers listthat help to refresh the citrus drinks, give a nice toss to salads and desserts or to give a nice cool coloring effect to dishes.

  1. Roses

Rose flavor is most used in to making jams, sweet candies, jellies and garnishing the favorite dessert. Roses come in different color but the natural aromatic red dark rose is considered as a best edible flower. Rose petal can be tossed on cake, on salads and also on the favorite desserts. Rose drink is a favorable drink for summer time. Rose petals has a cooling effect that help to rehydrate throat instantly. Rose syrup is used to add good aroma of rose into cakes and dessert. Rose and strawberry milk shake is approved as the best drink for boosting the immune power in body. So, these are the wonderful benefits of eating roses.

  1. Lavender

Who is unknown to the benefits of lavender? Everyone knows that it’s the best edible as well as medicinal flower. This flower has anti oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties in abundance. And this is why lavender dried petal is used to make bathing soaps, moisturizer, lotion, herbal tea and essential oil. Lavender petal can use to dress up cocktails and citrus juices. Also, it is used to garnish cakes, soups and salads. Lavender herbal tea is a best antioxidant drink that helps to relive the painful nerves, body fatigue and mood swings too. If its her birthday, order cake delivery garnished with her favorite flower on the top.

  1. Carnation

Carnations petals are used to garnish the cake, dress up soups, salads, hot tea and refreshing drinks. Carnation flavor is added to wine and liquor. Carnation flower petals are also use to make candy, refreshing drinks and cocktails. We all know that every flower has pollens. So, it is necessary for all of you to remove that pollens immediately from the center to enjoy flower petals. Carnations simply give a a heavenly look to your favorite dishes.

  1. Pink orchid

Pink Orchid has its luxurious look that attracts all. Pink orchid is a royal flower that help in making dishes delicious. Orchid has its exotic flavor that nicely team up with all types of desserts, cakes and sweet dishes. But if you wish to add those pink orchids into spiced dishes, just sprinkle some pink orchids petals on the soups, salads, pasta and noodles. And if you are unknown from where to buy edible flowers, please check this link.

  1. Hibiscus

If you will look into the historical times you will see most people choose hibiscus and other edible flowers for cakesgarnishing. There are tons of health benefits attached with this fresh flower. Hibiscus comes in variety of colors but traditional red color hibiscus is a favorite flower of bakers. Pink orchids are use to dress up cake, dress up sweet dishes and to adorn the cake in a unique manner,

  1. Viola

Viola has a light sweet flavor that really gives a nice flavor to desserts and sweet dishes. Its sweetness is also use to balance the citrus juices and cocktails. Viola petals are crushed and then mix up with lime and mint flavor to hydrate throat in summer. Viola edible petals are widely used in making sweet preservatives like ice crème, jams, candies, jellies, tarts and enhance the butter taste by adding few dried petals.

  1. Chicory

Chicory has a natural bitterness and mostly it is used as a substitute of coffee. The whole chicory plant is useful. Chicory stems, leaves are used to dress up salads and soups. If you are fighting from low immunity the chicory flower salads or dishes bring life back into motion. Chicory flower is full with vitamin A, C and other minerals that help to tickle the food lover in your life.

So here are the most popular and mouthwatering flowers nicely mixes up with culinary dishes. your friend is celebrating housewarming, anniversary or promotion party,send flower online to deliver best greetings from your side. Pay attention do not use stems or pollens just pluck the petals wash them and then only use them for cooking and garnishing.

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