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7 Genuine Tips for Better Communication With Your Teen

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As a parent, we know that raising a teenager is so difficult as this is one of the most sensitive stages in our kid’s life. At teenage, our kids are literally experiencing exciting, new things and taking important and fast decisions. At the same time, they’re also pushing some boundaries, throwing tantrums, pulling away from parents and doing whatever it takes to prove their own independence.

Sounds hard to deal with, right? Don’t worry, just breath and remind yourself that this is normal, and it is just your child going through a new stage of life. This phase will pass, and your

 will still his parent with a slightly change in role.

Here are some tips to communicate with your kid and build a bridge between both of you:

  1. Listen

We all feel curious about our teen’s life and what is happening with him. However, we will get nothing if we just ask him direct questions, but we may get better results if we simply sit back and listen.

Studies proved that our kids are more likely to tell their parents everything if they don’t feel pressured to share information. So, it would be better to stay open and interested without pushing or commenting.

2. Validate their feelings

As parents we like to solve our kids’ problems. However, you must do it in a special way. For example, after a romantic disappointment, things may be worse if we say “She/he wasn’t right for you anyway”. You just have to show that you understand and empathize by reflecting the comment back: “It sounds difficult, I am sorry for your loss.”

3. Show them your trust

Teens try their best to be taken seriously, especially by their parents.

To enhance your relation with your kid, you have to make him feel that you are taking him seriously which can be done by showing him that you trust him.

Try to ask him for some favors which show that you rely on him. You will boost his self confidence when you have faith in him .

  1. Don’t be a dictator

Setting rules is so important, but you must also explain why you are doing that. Sometimes, you can make some exceptions and let him break some rules.

5. Give praise

We all praise our young children when they do good things, but even when they grow up, we have to praise to provide this self-esteem boost.

6. Calmontrol your emotions

When your teen is being rude, you become angry and begin shouting on him. You teen is less able to control his emotions or think logically when he’s upset, so take your breath, calm down, then respond.

7. Be observant

Teenagers go through some changes as they mature, so pay attention for any unusual change in mood, behavior, energy level, or appetite. Plus, be aware of major changes like isolating himself, changes in his ability to function, etc.

Try to be supportive instead of being judgmental, and offer your help without pushing on him.

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