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7 places abroad that will cost almost the same as a domestic vacation in India

You may visit 10 different places in your country but nothing can beat the pleasure of travelling abroad and experiencing an altogether different culture, lifestyle, and landscape.

We all cherish the feeling of travelling abroad, but this is mostly ‘ripped off apart, brutally’ because we assume that it would cost a fortune. Through my today’s article, I would like to take you through 7 different places outside India that you may consider while planning for your next ‘low-on-budget’ trip. All that you would have to keep in mind while travelling would be to cut your unnecessary expenses on lavish stays, ample shopping, and eating at the high end restaurants.

  1. Colombo, Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka

Waterfalls, tea-plantations, cloud-wrapped mountains… Sri Lanka is a picture perfect paradise. Often ignored by Indians, our Southern neighbour boasts of great tourism at extremely affordable prices.

Some of the highlights of your visit may be: the Sri MahaBodhiya (Bodhi Tree Temple) in Anuradhapura and the Sri DhaladaMaligawa (Temple of the Tooth) in Kandy, arguably the most sacred places on the entire island.Be warned, foreigners tend to pay higher entrance fees, although some tuk-tuk drivers might offer to sneak you in for free!

  1. Dubai, UAE


Get ready to view one of the finest and most beautiful countries with a trip to Dubai. Double your experience by indulging into one of the most sought after adventure sport in the Dubai, sky diving.

Dubai is probably every Indian’s favourite destination when it comes to going abroad.

  1. Singapore


Visiting Singapore would not be as cheap as others in this list, but it will reciprocate for every single penny spent. Singapore has a lot to offer in terms of nature, culture and cuisine, modern structures and architecture, monuments and beaches.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

If you are looking forward to a place for your friend’s bachelorette at a low budget (Goa, for instance) then this is the place for you. Bangkok is the ultimate place for all the party animals and those looking forward to a crazy trip with friends. It is also considered to be a heaven for shopaholics.

The air-fares to Thailand are cheap and the stay options are not too expensive. The people are welcoming and you can get great stuff at budget prices.

  1. Bali, Indonesia


The place is scenic. You would not get a feeling of a hustling bustling city, rather what you would get to experience the tranquility of a calmer and peaceful place. With clear beaches, tropical forests, and with a lot of Hindu monuments and temples you will be transported in a utopian place.

  1. Kathmandu, Nepal


This is the cheapest and the quickest option in the list. I know, in childhood days many of you might have felt that it is a part of India. The place lies in the laps of the Himalayas and is perfect for those who love ice capped mountains and lush greenery. The best part? You do not need a passport to visit the country if you’re an Indian citizen.

  1. Shanghai, China


Shanghai is a treat in itself. The Great Wall of China undoubtedly remains one of the key places to visit, but there a lot more to explore when going there. Be sure to get some very cheap stuff there, especially electronics (we however not vouch for their quality though ;P ) The night life in Shanghai is spectacular.

Through this piece, I hope I have convinced you enough to quickly have a look at the world map nearest to you and gear up for the next experience that will last a lifetime! All that you would need is your passport, visa and a good pair of walking shoes and you will be good to go.

People say ‘The world is book, and those who do not travel read only one page’. So go ahead and read as many pages as your pocket allows.

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