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7 Things to Consider in Choosing a Perfect Wedding Theme

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Weddings are one of the most important events every person is looking forward to throughout their whole life. Picking a wedding theme can be an intimidating task for the soon-to-be couple but luckily, there are many wedding packages in Manila that can help you out envision your dream wedding to life.

There are a number of factors to be thought of before you can finalize your wedding theme. If you’re not decided yet to what the overall theme could be, here are the 7 things you should consider in choosing your perfect wedding theme.

Choosing your Favorite Colors

Choosing a wedding theme color will help you choose the overall theme for the wedding. You can start by browsing different color combinations to see if any will catch your eye. White, gold, silver, and black are some of the classic colors that are often used both in traditional and luxurious weddings. Colors like navy blue and silver are used in more elegant contemporary style weddings. Even primary colors and combination can be reworked and used in a variety of shades. Choose the color in mind of the venue, the season, and personal preference.

The Venue

The venue you chose for the wedding will greatly contribute to the wedding theme. It will help you get the taste of the wedding by how is it going to look and feel. Pick a venue on what your heart wants and go from there. If you’ve already chosen a venue, consider its features and ambiance, and choose a suitable theme to go with it. Use the surroundings of your venue to inspire your wedding theme and consider what natural elements will work as a good foundation.

Think about the Season

When choosing a theme for your wedding, you’ll also want to consider the season you’ll be having your wedding in. If you’re going to be married in the summer, your theme should include bright and light colors which will reflect the atmosphere you are in. Since different seasons have different colors and appearances, it becomes a deciding factor for the overall theme.

Budget Matters

Like every wedding, always be realistic and stick with your budget. Ultimately your budget will be important as it will guide you in selecting the venue, decor, and overall theme within your budget. It will help you choose the things you won’t compromise on and choose the things you will compromise. No matter the size and complexity of your wedding, sticking to a budget makes it easy to plan all components and take care of any hidden expenses.

Bride and Groom’s Personalities

By incorporating the things that mean to the both of you on your wedding day, it should reflect both of your personalities and the union of both worlds. Most people think about weddings should be rather than think about what you and your spouse tastes are.  Start by thinking about what you and your spouses like whether it’s an interest, hobby, and passions. Next, what are the key phrases or words that describe both of you? In that way, you and your spouse will have a wedding that is both unique and quirky at the same time.

Consider “Thinking about the Past” Moments

Choosing a wedding theme that you both love but also consider what it’s going to be like in your golden years. Many years from now, you and your spouse will browse through your wedding album, are you going to regret having a rainbow themed or character themed wedding? If you think you’ll have no regrets, go for a wedding theme that speaks to the both of you regardless of what others think, but going timeless will always be the best.


Setting the Mood

This is one important factor to consider. Consider the mood you wish to portray through your theme and how you envision you and your guests celebrating. Are you and your partner the laid back type of couple? If so, a relaxed and laid back feel would be most suited for both personalities. Perhaps you want a glamorous vibe for the wedding, it should have lots of food, flowers, music, flowers, and dancing. If you like to pay tribute to both of your family’s roots, why don’t you add a bit of tradition in your wedding? Setting the mood doesn’t have to be dull and long-winded affairs.

Key Takeaway

Weddings are one of the most important life events for the future soon-to-be couples. Deciding on a particular theme can be quite a challenging task but there are a lot of wedding packages in Manila that will certainly help the couple finalize their theme to make it even more memorable even in the future years to come. If you’re having difficulties to choose the overall theme, don’t worry. Take some time around you and gather some inspiration for the big day.

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