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7 Tips to have Perfect Wedding Photos

Everything about wedding needs proper planning. From designing the wedding cards to choosing the right venue, you need to be very considerate throughout. When you have worked for something so hard, reliving the memories of the day through photographs and videos is pure bliss. But then again you need proper planning for capturing these memories. You can also use these memories as beautiful handmade gifts to be the bestowed to your loved ones. In simple terms we are talking about you need proper planning to have perfect wedding photos. Here we are discussing some tips that will help you in getting the best wedding photos:

  1. Make sure the photographers and the videographers are to be from the same company. There are many reasons in support of it as it will ensure
  • Better accountability with the shared incentives
  • They will share better communication along with workflow
  • They also share the common vision and the style
  • You don’t have to hustle for contacting different contractors and admin for your photography and videography packages.         
  • Also if you are availing both the packages, you can get good discounts on both.
  1. Be very particular when it comes to selecting the right photographer. Only with the right photographer, you are all ensured to have a hassle-free wedding shoot. From wedding planner to designer of Indian wedding cards, from caterers to other vendors, when you’re so specific with hiring them, do the same for your wedding photographer as well. Check out their portfolio and the reviews and            ratings as well. Take your time in checking everything and then only     proceed with hiring them.      
  2. The next thing is to have a planned timeline for your wedding day which you can easily organise with your wedding planners. Everything should be organised for that timeline. From your make-up to reception to photo session, make sure everything should start and end within that stipulated time. this also gives you the time for different photo sessions like for first look, for couple’s photos, for bridal party photos and more. 
  1. Another thing you can do is to minimize the number of photo shoot locations. This ensures that you have maximum photo time and it is not wasted on travelling from one location to another. You can hire the best photographer as they can come out with some creative ideas even in a non-fancy place. Trust their creativity for this situation.  
  2. Another thing you can do is to have the toss items an active part of your wedding photos. Paper planes, confetti, flower petals, the list goes on and on. These things add their own charms and extra touch to your             wedding photos. With genuine smiles, these pictures depict pure bliss and excitement along with waves of laughter.         
  1. If you are looking for one photo that you want to have and you can cherish forever is the ‘first look photo”. With all that wedding jitters and anticipation, the moment when you see each other for the first time can’t be explained in words. This moment when captured, forms to be one of the most memorable photos of your whole wedding album.                        
  2. Make sure you schedule some of the couple photos with the best lighting and amidst    the scenic view. An hour or a half before the sunset gives you the beautiful backdrop for awe-inspiring wedding photographs.

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