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7 ways to use Google Display Advertising

Advertising on Google is a goldmine every business wants to take advantage of today. In addition, businesses and advertisers feel that there is no place better to advertise than in the place where the entire world searches for anything and everything.

However, google ads themselves can be categorized into two main types. They are search ads and display ads. Similarly, people should understand that search and display ads are two different things, and they even work differently.

Search ads place text results during user searches, while display ads place display content across the internet in a huge network. Today, we will be looking forward to what Google display advertising is and how we can use them.

What is Google Display Ad?

Quite simply, we can describe display ads as the visual banners that we see while visiting any sort of advertisement-supported site. The display ads are a much more passive form of advertising in
Google, when compared to search ads. For a quick stat, Google itself has stated that its display network reaches more than 90% of internet users worldwide.

However, people generally seem hesitant and reluctant to start a marketing campaign in the display network. This is because people feel that most people who will see display ads won’t be in the final stages of a buyer’s journey. However, one even forgets that because this is most pay-per-action based ads, one will be promoting his/her brand without even paying for impressions.

Ways to use Google Display Advertising

Begin with remarketing

The biggest trick to find maximum success from display ads is to use it as a platform for remarketing. Even the experts believe that if we are going to see any sort of returns from the display network, it is most probably going to be from remarketing works.

This is considered to be so effective as when you remarket; the people will already have an idea you’re your brand and services. In addition, by displaying ads to such people while they visit other sites, it increases the chances that they buy your product next time they are in need. In addition, the CPAs of display ads are also a lot lower, and it is a great way to keep the audience engaged.

Manage Placements

By allowing the advertisers to manage placements, they will even be given control over where the ads will be displayed. In addition, Google will even do the decision making if you use interests and topic targeting and display your ad on relevant sites. In addition, we can even specify exactly which sites our ads are going to be displayed in, which is why display ads have become a safe bet.

Smart Budgeting

As the display ads cover such a large space, advertisers need to be extra careful while setting the budget. It is the best practice if one starts out with a small budget and carries testing and experimentation at the same time as well. Therefore, one should only spend big in display ads after finding the sweet spot.

Creating Ads in all formats available

One might automatically think that wouldn’t it be a waste of time if we create ad content in all formats. This is because some websites only support ads of one format. Therefore, we recommend you to create both text and image ads. Also, we should make ad content in all types- from small images to big banners.

Making simple and visual ads

There’s a fascinating stat that over half of the display ads are text-based. However, images are a necessity and one should understand this. Therefore, one should focus on making the ads simple, visually appealing and also easy to read.

Give proper care

Usually, a general mistake that advertisers make while running display ads is that they forget to give any sort of attention after it is initially run. Since there isn’t exactly use of niche keywords, people feel like the ads will just keep showing. However, to maximize the output, the advertisers monitor and make necessary changes from time to time. Just like adding negative keywords in case of search ads, we can exclude placements in this case.

Set aside test budget

The display network is so huge and has endless reach. Similarly, Google also releases new advertising methods and features from time to time. So if you don’t test, you could very well be missing out on a lot of leads. To make things easier, we can even simply use the leftover budget for testing after the main goal has been struck. In addition, we can carry out tests by forming multiple ad groups and carry out contextual targeting, interests, topics and placements.

Therefore, we can conclude by saying that Google Display Advertising is surely something you should spread your wings at. In addition, you can succeed at it by following the tips we have given above.


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