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70th World Health Assembly Update, 24 May

GENEVA–Delegates at the World Health Assembly today approved the Organization’s proposed programme budget of US$ 4421.5 million for the biennium, which includes a 3% (or US$28 million) increase in Member State assessed contributions for 2018-2019.  This proposed budget sets out the Organization’s priorities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. It includes increased investments in the new WHO Health Emergencies Programme (US$ 69.1 million) and combating antimicrobial resistance (US$ 23.2 million).  

WHO’s programme budgets are financed through a combination of assessed and voluntary contributions, with the latter coming from State- and non-State contributors. In the early decades of WHO’s existence, assessed contributions constituted almost all the Organization’s funding. But as the Organization’s total budget has increased, voluntary contributions have overtaken assessed contributions in providing the majority of its income.   Assessed contributions had remained largely stable prior to today’s increase.

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