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8 bodies to be buried after being held for 600 days in morgue in Manipur

It was a long wait for these 8 bodies to be laid to rest – a staggering 600 days. 6 of these were killed during a protest in the mostly tribal district of Churachandpur in Manipur. The state was ruled by the Congress government at that time. The Congress government had introduced three new land bills, against which the tribals were protesting. During one such protest, the police opened fire, which resulted in the deaths of 6 people. The incident led to more violence in which three more people lost their lives. Families of 8 victims refused to accept the dead bodies and they were lying in the morgue for 600 days.

Manipur now has a BJP government that has managed to reach a compromise with the victims of the families. They have now agreed to the burial of the 8 bodies. This was announced via a tweet posted by BJP leader Ram Madhav. Sources inside the Chief Minister Biren Singh’s office said that the burial will take place within a week’s time. The BJP government in Manipur has also decided that it will not implement any of the land bills proposed by the earlier Congress government. It is planning to discuss the problems with the tribal groups and then take a decision on the matter.


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