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8 Easy Hacks to Save On Your Electricity Bill

With the increasing prices of electricity, people are always looking for ways to cut their utility bills. When people use electricity in their homes, they are not aware of their usage. The inefficient use of electricity is the main reason for the hike in utility bills.

Compare and choose the right energy plan

Rates of electricity and gas vary based on the provider. It is possible that an energy provider may be offering lower rates in your area. To find the most appropriate energy plans, you can compare rates. An easy way to do that is to use automated tools available online. For Victoria residents, energy providers Victoria is a great resource to help you find the most suitable energy plan.

However, there are many ways to use electricity efficiently and control your utility bills. This post shares some useful life hacks to save on the utility bills.

Know your appliances


If you want to save your electricity bill, you must know about the usage of your appliances. You should know which of your devices consume high amounts of electricity and which are the most used daily. Air conditioners use the most energy in the summer season, while geysers and heaters use the most in winters. Also, you should know about other devices that use the most electricity and look for ways to minimize their usage.

Insulate your windows

Windows are the spaces through which heat enters a room in summers, and cold air enters in winters. If your windows are not insulated, your AC will use more power to cool a room and heater will take more time to warm an area. Insulate your windows with a plastic cover, or laminate them with a transparent dark sheet. It will not allow the heat and cold air to enter the house and your AC or heater will consume less power to cool and heat your home.

Limit the use of appliances

It is essential to limit the use of appliances to save electricity. You should use the devices for less time than you use usually. For example, insulate your rooms and switch off the AC after the complete cooling. If possible use automatic AC that cut off after the required cooling and restarts again when the cooling drops below a certain limit.

Moreover, you can find alternatives to some devices like a clothes dryer. You can dry the clothes in the sun or air and cut out the electricity used by a dryer. The heating element and the fan in the air dryer use a lot to electricity put some cloth lines in your gallery and hand the clothes on them for drying.

Use LED lights


LED bulbs and tubes are the lights of future as they consume low energy and provide better lighting than the conventional bulbs. Many people use CFL lights in their homes and offices as they are not aware of the fact that CFLs use five times more energy than LEDs. Replace your incandescent and CFL lights with the low voltage LEDs and be ready to see the decline in your electricity bill.

Install solar panels

Solar panels are expensive, but they can save a lot on your energy bill in the long term. The solar panels use the energy or sun and convert them into electricity. There is abundance of sunlight in the countries that are close to the equator. If you live in a country that receives sunlight throughout the year, you must install solar panels on your roof.

Solar panels are a onetime investment, and they can reduce your electricity bills forever. You can also use solar devices like solar water heaters, solar cookers, solar lights, etc. to cut your energy bills.

Reduce the usage of hot water

We use hot water in many appliances like washing machines, geysers, and dishwashers. All these devices have a heater in them that heats the water using electricity. You can use cold water for washing clothes and utensils. If you feel uncomfortable using cold water for bathing, you can set your geyser to warm, and use warm water instead of hot. The geysers use less energy for warming the water than heating it thoroughly.

Use 5 star rated appliances


It is essential to know the energy consumption of your gadgets. Most people are not aware of the energy their devices consume and use them inappropriately. Every appliance has an energy rating that shows their rate of consumption of energy. Never use a two or three-star energy rating appliance as they consume high electricity. Instead, use a 4 or 5 star rated devices that consume low energy to save on your utility bills. The 5 star rated appliances are expensive than 3 and 4 star rated devices, but low in energy consumption.

Insulate your house

Without proper insulation the heat and cooling escape through the windows, doors, and roof of a house. Insulate your house with the proper installations according to the climate and weather conditions in your location. Insulation retains the heat and cooling of your home and saves a lot of energy you use to heat or cool your rooms.

These points are some energy saving hacks for homeowners that everyone can use to save energy and cut their utility bills. Nothing can beat professional advice for any task or goal. If you live in Wide Bay, Queensland you can contact electrical contractors Wide Bay to seek professional help for saving energy. With proper knowledge of the energy rating of your appliances and using the energy efficient devices, every house owner can save on the electricity bills.


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