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8 lifestyle changes Increase your hair fall

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For every men and women hair fall is a traumatic experience. In the routine daily life many people doesn’t give priority to the hair care. As per experts – loosing 100 hairs in a day is normal but when it exceeds its limit then the alarming situation arises.

Everyone’s self-confidence boost with their appearance. We buy different products to make our hair shine, clear and stronger but didn’t provide enough time to wash the hair properly.

When you devote your time to health of hair then it brings better gorgeous hair. The question is how to keep the hair happy and healthy?

It can only be possible through underlying the problem. Panicking over hair loss doesn’t provide quick and good results.

Here are eight reasons why you need to change your lifestyle:

Stop Smoking

 It is one of the most important reasons behind hair loss. Many experts and doctors believe that there is a link between smoking and baldness. As many other independent factors are also there.  In one study, research found that smoking effect the heart, nervous system and lungs. When any person started smoking daily then it started damaging the blood vessels of the hair follicle or may damage the DNA of hair follicle.

Smoking not only affect the health of hair but also decrease the immunity, speed up aging and can even turn grey your hair.

Using Wrong Shampoo

Choosing the chemical shampoo can contribute the hair loss indirectly. It is really important to know the type of scalp. When you know the scalp then you can choose the best fitted shampoo. When any shampoo is loaded with sulfate, paraben, silicone and many other chemicals which brittle the hair and increases the breakage.

When you use harsh shampoo on hair, the oil present in the scalp get extract by chemicals and create excess sebum production, a precursor to pattern baldness.

Have Healthy Diet and do Exercise

In your daily routine life if you are eating a healthy, balanced diet and side by side regularly doing exercise in night or in day. Then you can get your expected hair. Start taking meal which includes vitamins and minerals, proteins, iron and fats. In every stage of hair loss or baldness, food plays an essential role.

During the early stage of hair loss start eating food like oysters, fish, spinach, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, eggs, yogurt, and lentils can support lustrous locks and healthy growth.

Due to busy lifestyle many people start taking supplement for hair as it is also beneficial for hair. If you not compromise with your diet then the food supplement not required.

Adding that, when you started exercise, yoga and meditation it drastically reduce the hair fall. These things balance the health of the body.

Reduce Chemical Treatments

Undergoing on chemical treatments like straightening, perming, colouring, etc reduce the hair density and quality of hair. When we use blow dryers, curling rods especially on wet hair then it increase the chances of brittle hair. If really need to use the tools then apply low temperature and purchase the best quality product. And if you are using different products with heat tools then use a conditioner as it protects the hair from damage.

Use oil once a week 

Oil not only improves the blood circulation but also nourish the hair roots. Make sure that you must massage your hair while once a week or daily with good essential oil.

Oil is known for deep moisturizing and deep conditioning. The fatty acids found in oil, coat the shaft of hair which help to protect from heating tools.

Do Trim Your Hair

When you trim the hair it removes the split ends and promotes hair growth. As long as hair grows, the problem increases like dandruff, dry hair etc. Try to trim hair in 3 to 4 week. This promotes healthy hair.

Reduce Stress

As no one knows the complex biology behind hair loss. But it is proven that stress is one of the causes behind hair loss. Stress not only reduces hair but also impact on many heath related problems. Stress can make you bald, if you prevention is not taken care. Again, to deal with stress you must do meditation and yoga on a regular basis to improve your lifestyle. As many scientific papers prove that these are a good stress buster.

Nowadays many people can’t solve their hair related problem on their own. In this case you can consult with hair related doctor. As they provide best consultation. There are many clinics for hair transplant in India where doctors are well renowned and they are associated with AHRS, ABHRS and ISHRS.

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