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8 Quick Health Tips for corporate employees to lead a healthy and fit life

  1. Carry a water bottle wherever you go – Keeping water handy is a really smart idea. Sometimes, if you’re working, you’ll just forget to drink water for long periods of time. Also sipping on water or a fruit based drink when you need something to eat just because of boredom is a good way to avoid junk food. It also helps in keeping your body hydrated.
  2. Go healthy! Nothing beats home cooked food – Nothing substitutes a nutritious salad or a wholesome meal from home! It’s best if you eat that home cooked Dal Chawal, but if you happen to live away from your family or if you’re too busy to pack your lunch, then there are a good number of startups delivering home cooked food and fresh salads; try using the services of such startups instead of ordering from fast food joints which do you no good.
  3. Don’t go too hard on yourself. Chill! – Your client can wait for a few minutes. Close your eyes and relax for 2 minutes for every hour. This clears your mind and keeps you active.
  4. Go easy on your posture, refrain from straining your back – Yes, it’s enjoyable to sit on that comfy office chair with your back reclined in odd postures but it does actual damage to your spine and it’s high time that you start sitting in proper postures. Be sure the back is aligned against the back of the office chair. Avoid slouching or leaning forward, especially when tired from sitting in the office chair for long periods.
  5. Sleep pays off – Believe it or not but getting even 30 minutes less sleep than your body requirements can have short- and long-term consequences for health, mood and performance. It’s good to maintain a regular sleep and wake schedule, with at least 8 hours of sleep every day, even on the weekends. It’s actually not as impractical as it sounds, provided that you make a genuine effort.
  6. Kick the caffeine habit – It’s a well known fact that caffeine interferes with your sleep. It  Avoid tea, coffee and soft drinks close to bedtime. Instead, go for a glass of fresh juice in the morning and a cup of green tea in the evening.
  7. Join weekend dance/aerobics classes – There are hundreds of dance groups, Yoga trainers, aerobics classes operating in India, which will help your body play, exercise and get some vitamin D. By joining a dance class over weekends, you will get to socialize with people out of your circle as well as work on your fitness in a fun manner.
  8. Walk and Talk – If you work at a corporate house, it goes without saying that a major part of your day is spent on the phone. What you should do is get a wireless headset and make a habit of walking while you talk. You may not think that it is a workout, but even simple movements can make a huge difference rather than just sitting in one place.

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