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8 Tips To Help You Select The Right Vehicle Wrap Design For Your Business

Did you know there has been a significant decline in human attention span recently? Several studies have found it to be around eight seconds. Why is it important for your business? Because this is only time you have got to attract a potential customer. As people are bombarded with information from all sides, your marketing efforts also rely on your choice of wrap design for your vehicle.

Well, this may surprise you but wrap marketing is super popular with small businesses. That’s because wrapping a vehicle is not very expensive as compared to the benefits it provides. And it’s a one-time investment. If you want your vehicle to level up your marketing strategy, it’s imperative to select a head-turning wrap design!

Read along to ensure your ad design is perfect.

Measure All Sides Of The Vehicle

The first step is to take measurements of the available space on the vehicle. Before you start creating a vehicle wrap design on the drawing board, measure the sides, hood, roof, rear, and bumpers. Note down the measurements of the body breaks, curved elements, door handles, and rivets.

You should also take direct photographs from the front, rear, and both sides. This will help you visualize what size of wrap design is perfect for your vehicle. A good sense of layout influences the flow of your content.

Check Competitor’s Wrap Designs

You are not the only business with this unique marketing idea but your brand identity should not be lost in the crowd. Research your market and have a look at the wrap designs of your competitors. Gathering such information gives you an idea of what’s already out there. You need to opt for a design that stands out from the crowd of hundreds.

Only a unique wrap design can yield you the desired results. Don’t hesitate to experiment. Most of the modern wrap designs are adhesive vinyl sheets and can be replaced at affordable costs.

Address Your Target Audience

An effective wrap ad expresses your brand identity and addresses your target audience. It should be in sync with your message. It’s an integral part of building your brand awareness. Every element of the wrap design should be sending the right signals.

The last thing you would want is a vehicle that does not appear to be a part of your brand. Getting the right message out there is going to bring you your prospective customers. Make it easier for them to identify you from the crowd.

Use Legible Fonts

Let’s go back to the attention spans. You need to have something crisp and precise to hook the viewers. Using legible fonts that are easy to read can serve the purpose well. Legible fonts or typefaces are particularly designed for easy reading of text blocks. Include the right size of fonts to make sure the message must be seen even from a long distance. Bigger ads are easy to remember and assure quick attention. Remember to keep it simple and strong.

Pick Bright And Appealing Colors (Must Match Your Brand Identity)

Colors are an integral part of your brand identity. You can consult professionals for picking the right colors for your brand logo because they play an important role in evoking an intended emotion. Think about your brand message. Is the color of your wrap design associated with it?

Let’s say you run a pest control company. You would need a color that evokes a sense of danger and irritability. Bright yellow paired with black can be the perfect combination. Pay attention to the psychological responses associated with colors to make the right choices.

In case you have already established brand awareness among the masses with a certain lighter hue, by all means stick with it.

Pick Great Partners For Illustration And Graphic Designing

When done right illustrations and graphics can be interesting and appealing. Leave no stone unturned to find good partners for illustration and graphic designing. Ask if they have previously designed vehicle wraps? Can they show you some pictures of their previous work?

Although you can hire an independent designer for your business, the upfront cost is high. Find a reliable vehicle wrap provider in your area who can follow through with the process. They will handle designing, vinyl cutting, and installation of the wrap design.

Avoid Overcrowded Wrap Designs

Say it loud and proud with your vehicle wrap design but beware of the overcrowding. A messy design can hurt your marketing efforts. Keep enough blank space on the vehicle to draw attention to the main message and elements of the design.

Find The Best Professionals For Commercial Wraps

The wrap design speaks a lot about your business values and prepares the customers for what to expect. Avoid blotchy jobs and loss of potential customers by hiring the best commercial wrapping company.

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