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81-year old makes iPhone app

Anyone who said old age makes you grumpy must meet this 81-year old Japanese woman who has launched her iPhone app. What is even more noteworthy is that she has made an app even when she started using computers when she was 60 years of age. Earlier, octogenarian Masako Wakamiya used to work at a leading bank in Japan. She had spent 43 years in the banking industry. The app she has launched relates to the age-old tradition of Hinamatsuri festival in Japan and teaches people the right way to place their dolls for the festival.

The app is named as Hinadan, which is derived from the words hina, meaning ‘doll,’ and dan, meaning ‘tier’. In the app, users are required to place the dolls in the right position, as per the spaces available on a standard display with four tiers.

Age has not rusted the spirit of this 81-year old woman. Apart from making apps, Masako Wakamiya also likes to travel. She shares her travel experiences via her blog. She also teaches people to create art using Excel.

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