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9 Essential Data Loss Recovery Tips and Tools

One thing you need to understand is that you can still lose your data even if you are very diligent when it comes to data backup. Suppose your memory corrupts or the hard drive encounters an error? You will have no choice but to lose all your data. You may also find yourself deleting a file without the intention. You always need to be prepared when it comes to the recovery of corrupted, deleted and lost data. Here are some essential tips and tools that can assist you to prepare for such incidences.

  1. Install to the USB Flash Drive

Maybe you don’t want to lose the data that is on your drive, or you don’t want programs to clutter up the drive. There is no need to fear since you can download hard drive data recovery software directly from a flash drive. You can also find some portable versions that will extract zip file contents directly to the flash drive.

  1. File Detection

You can recover your files as long as they are not shredded with a data detection tool that is secure. The reason is that the file has not been deleted after bypassing or emptying the recycle bin. Instead, the initial bytes are altered to inform windows that the space the file was using is now available for rewriting. The remaining section of the file is left intact until you overwrite it with fresh data.story 1

  1. Build the Recovery Toolkit

It’s advisable to install recovery tools on your computer before losing any data. Some of the data recovery software free you can install on your machine include Undelete plus, Soft Perfect File recovery, PC Inspector File Recovery and Recuva just to name a few.

  1. Recover Corrupt Files

You may recover a file but find in damaged a bit. You can find third party software like Recover my files and PC tools file recovery. These tools support a broad range of file formats and you can use the trial to preview your results before you make a purchase decision.

  1. Recover Images from Your Memory Card

Did you know that it is possible to recover deleted, lost and corrupt photos from your memory card as long as you can view the card in windows? Use the trial version of Zero Assumption recovery and you will find amazing results. The software will give you a preview of your images before you recover them.

  1. Recovery of Data Outside Windows

It’s possible to recover data by plugging the drive into another PC if you are unable to boot into windows. Bootable rescue disks can also grant you access to your files. You can run the data recovery tools from the flash drive in BartPE.

  1. Recover Data from DVDs or CDs

You can use different tools to recover data from your DVD or CD whether you have a physical or virtual problem. You can also use a bootable rescue disk that will give you access to the files. You could try a Linux Live CD or create your personal BartPE disc.

  1. Pick the Right Search

Most tools offer a broad range of searches depending on the kind of data you lost. You could still find recycle bin recovery tools if you want files that were located there. Make sure you pick the right tool if you want the recovery process to be successful. One of the tools that makes use of a wizard that will enable you to search for specific files is Recuva. You can try it out even if you think it’s hard to retrieve that data since it’s a quick search.

  1. Deep Searches

File recovery tools offer much slower but more thorough search options that will scan your drive cluster by cluster. These tools can assist you to find data from lost partitions or drives. However, you could also wrinkle out your deleted files that won’t pop up in less intensive searches.


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