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The world has been seeing models walk on the ramp wearing the most unimaginable pieces of clothing. You must not have seen any normal person walk around wearing a dress made out of straws and if you did, well… it was out of fashion. You will call the person bold for taking such a risk.

The designers of all ages try to introduce or bring something weird and unique in the fashion world. Trying to get the weirdest of things in trend. Few people do fall for this trap and some have a good laugh about it.

Here are ELEVEN most bizarre fashion trends that the world experienced recently:

  1. Denim Knee-High Boots:

Surely, they do not look so weird but for boots that are made out of denim and can easily be sewn are crazy expensive. Don’t throw away your old jeans, make boots out of them.


  1. Ripped Stockings:

What?! And, everyone thought that they need to throw away their socks when ripped. Who knew one could look trendy with them on. It is all about being bold and courageous enough to try something like this anyway, right?


  1. Lace Shirt For Men:

Do you think only women can be fashionable and trendy? Men have all the right too to slay! This trend went way too far with the tie, no? The lace shirt still looked good. *cough*


  1. Meat Knee Jeans:

For all the meat lovers out there, here are jeans you can later turn into a steak. Surely, the designer is a die-hard steak fan or who or why else anyone would want to start a trend like this.

  1. Checkered Jumpsuit:

For all the plus size people out there, here is a jumpsuit which you too easily wear because this comes in a standard side. You’ll be wearing the same size as your size two friend. And, if necessary, this jumpsuit can be turned into a big grocery bag too. How cool is that now?

  1. Clear Plastic Jeans:

Totally not supporting this trend. There are people who love their privacy more than anything. And, there should always be a mystery factory. Another trend that went way too far for anyone. Even the small of very bold girls. This Is Just Too Much.

transparent pant

  1. Muddy Jeans and Jacket:

You can still go and meet friends if you walk over a muddy puddle on your way now. Or no need to panic if a fast car spatted mud all over your denim jacket. The Muddy jackets are in fashion now. For not breaking your bank by buying these from the brands, just go splatter mud on your jeans and jacket while playing soccer.

  1. Cage Trousers All The Way:

What is up with designers and their obsession with weird lower wears. The jeans were already too much and these trousers are so very extra now. Maybe they just want people to have air flowing easily in this hot summer season. Instead of buying these, make one for yourself at home. All you’ll need are a pair of sissors and any of your old trousers.


  1. Platform Crocs:

When you want to combine the comfort of the bathroom Crocs with the edginess of platform shoes, you end up with Platform Crocs…If you are wondering about the artwork on the crocks, they are there because, obviously, your shoes should say a lot about your personality, duh!

If you are not a fan of such weird trends and are normal as any other person than look for best online clothing stores and girls clothing online shoppingis super time saving as well. Let the normal trends define you. Don’t go so weird, your personality is enough to do that.

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