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95% of rape accused known to victims; reveals NCRB data

Data gathered by the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) for 2015 has revealed that in 95% of all rape cases, the rape accused was known to the victim. The data has provided specific details such as 27% of rape cases involve neighbors, 22% relate to the promise of marriage, and 9% involve immediate family members and relatives. In around 2% of rape cases, there’s involvement of live-in partners or former partners or separated husbands. Currently, there’s no record of rape within marriages. Rape cases involving employers or co-workers is 1.6% and those done by other known associates is 33%.

The NCRB data also reveals state-wise figures of rape cases, wherein Madhya Pradesh tops the list with 4,391 cases. This is followed by Maharashtra with 4,144, Rajasthan with 3,644, Uttar Pradesh with 3,025, Odisha with 2,251 and Delhi with 2,199 rape cases. However, this data only relates to rape cases that were reported to the police. It may be recalled that many rape cases go unreported due to various reasons. So, actual number of rape cases may be different in different states and Union Territories.

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