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A First-of-its-kind, Immersive Time Travel Awaits You at Era Lounge Bar

The concept of time travel is nothing new and we have seen it quite often in various books and movies. Most of these time travel missions are usually carried out to fix something or to stop the bad guys. But wait! What about time travel just for finding new surroundings to experience great food and drinks? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful idea? And why no one thought about this earlier? Well, not to worry now because Era Lounge Bar has just been launched in Connaught Place in New Delhi.

A premium lounge bar, Era is similar to a time machine that lets you explore the important periods of human history, all while delighting your senses with a wide variety of drink and dine options. It is especially designed for people with a discerning taste, who want to experience how it would have felt to drink and dine through the ages. The themed ambience at Era Lounge Bar allows you to experience authentic vintage sights that encompass the Renaissance period, the Age of Exploration, the Industrial Revolution and the British Colonial past.

Newspatrolling was glad to be a part of the opening of Era Lounge Bar, which we think is one of the most opulent places in Connaught Place, offering a myriad of signature cocktails and hand-picked dishes that will truly delight your senses.Just as we entered through the huge glass doors, we were immediately transported to the era of the Age of Exploration. This was the time when people were travelling throughout the world in search of new lands.

Next, we went through the section that is designed like the interiors of a ship and this essentially captures the glorious days of the Renaissance. We then noticed the wrought iron and metallicinteriors and paraphernalia, which depict the Pre-Industrialization era. The Industrial Revolution was characterized by the use of complex machines and to highlight this aspect, Era has a huge rotating wheel, around 10 ft. in height, with a hydraulic DJ stage. Our delightful time travel concluded with the theme of the British Colonial era, which is characterized by its luxurious and royal decor.

We tried quite a few food and drinks at Era and the things we liked most included the Curry Bomb and the White Pizza.The themed time travel was truly delightful and it’s an entirely new concept that we have seen in the city. It was after our journey at Era that we realized that changes in the immediate environment can dramatically enhance your dining experience.

We believe that Era Lounge Bar is the perfect place for youngsters and working professionals to chill out and experience the glorious past.We also feel that owing to its location at the Outer Circle of Connaught Place, which is at the heart of the city, it is suited for everyone. It is a great place to be with friends, colleagues and business associates. Era’s charm has caught on with us and we are definitely looking forward to more visits wherever we get the time.

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