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a Folk song from the land of Rajasthan – Kajaliyo

sexy girlFrom the rustic lands of Rajasthan comes a voice which sets the chords of your heart in tune.
Aakanksha Sharma, of Naino ne bandhi (Gold) fame, is all set to release a famous rajasthani folk song ‘Kajaliyo’.
Thaane kaajaliyo banaalyun mhaare nainaa mein ramaalyun
Raaj palakaan mein band kar raakhunli (थाणे काजळियो बणालयूं म्हारे नैणा में रमाल्यूं , राज पळकां में बन्द कर राखूँली) 
Translated to – तुम्हे अपना काजल बना लू 
मेरी आँखो मे बसा लू 
राज हमेशा के लिये पलको मे बंद करके रख लू 
रानी अपने अपने पति के लिये गा रही है  (राज- राजा)
The song is not your average remix version of a folk song, but the way it is originally sung in the hearts of Rajasthan. The lyrics speak with so much romance in them and this song is a favourite amongst women of all ages in Rajasthan.
Shot in the majestic surroundings of Rajasthan, Aakanksha has left no stone unturned to give back the love she has received from her home in Rajasthan.
“This song is special in many ways. I have always wanted to do a rajasthani folk song as I belong to that region & also singing in different languages & reaching out to different cultures in their own language is an artists dream.” Says Aakanksha Sharma.

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