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A Gentle Dose of Crass Capitalism and Misadventures of Godmen

DEMOCRAZY a book by Atulya Mahajan

Author Atulya Mahajan with Stanup Comedian Neeti Palta during release of his book DEMOCRAZY at India International Centre, New Delhi (2)New Delhi, March 2015; Recently, Jaico Publishing House released a book titled ‘Democrazy’ by author Atulya Mahajan at India International Centre, New Delhi recently. The book was released by well known stand-up comedian Neeti Palta. Democrazy is a satirical look at the madness and brouhaha in present-day India, where nothing is what it seems to be, power is all-important, and everything people do is to win the race to power. Gul Panag, who has recently been through the election grind, has written the foreword to it.

During the launch Neeti Palta said, this is one of the best books I came across where with fictional characters Atulya has tried to portray the reality in a satirical way. It was an impactful fun read.

This book is a wild spoof on the ways of the land. Of course none of the crazy cast of characters was inspired by real people who spend their days planning conspiracies, running the government into the ground or shouting at news panelists. I can’t wait to see protest rallies against the book at Jantar Mantar, says Atulya Mahajan.

Insisting this book being a complete fiction, Atulya added that No politicians or a real person were hurt in the writing of this book, thus it was named ‘Democrazy’.

On asking him about the Gul Panag’s foreword, Atulya said Gul is very kind. I sent her the manuscript and requested her comments, and she kindly obliged by writing a foreword after reading it. She has been through the grind of politics and electioneering, having contested the 2014 elections which made her an ideal candidate to comment on this book. I am glad she loved it

During the program, there were few hashtag fun quizzes with some great funny answers to them. Two of the most amazing audience received autographed books.

The book also carries a message from renowned Standup comedian Papa CJ quoting, like a professional comedian, this book grabs your attention in the first two minutes and then holds it till the very end. A fun second installment from a very talented writer.

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