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A Guide to Kitchen Design

 How to Enhance Your Kitchen Experience

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As of today, we are highly advanced when it comes to the comfort level of human body. In 2009, Jonathan Mostow, an American director shot a movie which resided around the remotely controlled humanoid robots;The Surrogates. It helped to perform chores while the human body rested in a glass casket. Obviously, the movie was fictional but the idea behind it was not.

We could never let that idea go away… could we, especially ordering the new Joker Suit?  Because it is all about comfort, convenience and that is what we have been fighting for since our first days on planet earth. Our daily life chores are also dependent upon this mere idea. We can work our shits/selves out to an 8-hour job but we find it difficult to stand in the kitchen after that. How about we renovate our pantries and kitchens accordingly so we might stand a chance to work it out and cook something easily, inclusive of the weather constraints and particular tolerance quota. 

Things that would make it easier

  • Choose Spacious Cabinets.
  • Decide for Moveable doors and windows.
  • Opt for Floor-to-ceiling storage.
  • Choose Pullout pantry.
  • Go for pullout litter boxes.
  • Select mobile countertops with divider inside.

Basic Kitchen Ideas

It was long time ago when the kitchens were built on the far other side and was considered as a bleak part of the house. It was the lifeless workplace possible at that time. Current kitchens are the life of everyday routine and are considered the paramount of any living area. State-of-the-art is when a kitchen plays its role as a center of any special celebration.

The increasing need of making your kitchen stand out yet spacious has made the competition more difficult. However, trust me on this when I say the best kitchen wins when it is easier to handle, color and décor coordinated with your other parts of the house. Moreover, it is reflection of your personal genre of renovations.

  1. Comfy Country Kitchen Design

Tired of the workload? Looking for a getaway yet, too lazy for that?  No need to get worried, as this country styled kitchen has your back. The edge to this style of a kitchen is the country tint on the vintage furniture. The finishes of reds, blues and pale-yellows on the farmhouse table makes it easier to wear off all your exhaustion. Cabinet-ry look is what it makes it more country-type, and if you exchange doors from drawers in the cabinets, your kitchen would be more than enough in terms of space.

  1. Modern Stylistic Kitchen Design.

Going gaga yet sleek and sophisticated is the key to fancy out your kitchen the most. The diverse mix of high-tech utensils, polished countertops, reflective cabinets and monochromatic sequence of paint adds in classically modern cooking-area.  Highly calendared wood could be used for seating arrangement with the leather-back-legged stools.

  1. Contemporary Kitchen Design.

Contemporary comes where function friendly system is required. New and old is the yin and yang of contemporary designs. The gourmet utensils, a lot of space to cook, lifetime material used for seating arrangement are what a perfect 21st century kitchen should look like.

  1. Vintage Kitchen Designs.

Nothing grows old when it is vintage, pure solid and crafty. Old school embossing and embellishment is a win-win situation when you want to time travel to history and comeback to today’s luxury. Nothing can beat such contrast. The finishes of amber and detailing of maroon would make it more classical. However, stoned countertops always steal the show.

Ideas that make a difference

Itsy-bitsy details add up a lot to any design and that is what lighting style of a kitchen does. It depicts our way of work in the kitchen and gives an exclusive touch. I know the every nickel of a budget counts, despite after graphite countertop, the Italian tiles detailing, the cabinets, the floors but we cannot simply ignore the lighting, as it would be the ample of everything.

The renowned lighting designer Randall Whitehead says, “I like to think of decorative lighting as architectural bling.” And this saying of his, says it all.

Ways to light up the kitchen…

  • Appetizer: this lighting reckons the environment and cast upon the details and depths of your kitchen style, just like its name.
  • Main Course: this lighting brightens the working area of your kitchen i.e. the countertop and the pantry, giving a head start to your cooking.
  • Dessert:just as every other meal is incomplete without a scrumptious yet syrupy dish in the end; the decorative lighting has the same importance. The lighting of spaces and ceilings using a chandelier or candlestick holder adds perfect details.

Jewelry of the kitchen

Do not forget about the hardware of your kitchen, this is where the tricky work begins. The conventional rail-type cabinets cover more space than the frameless cabinets. Therefore, you do not need such crowd in your kitchen.

Monitor such tips when you are designing your kitchen:

  • Shape your cabinet in such a way that you fully uses it space even the far one in the back corner.
  • Use touch less cabinets as trash drawers.
  • Install organizers within the drawers.

In whole, prepare a kitchen-comfort worksheet as per your own fascinations towards a work-friendly environment and act out correspondingly. This will add up in the compilation of your dream kitchen goals because strategic approach is the best approach.

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