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A Guide to taking care of your jewelry

take care of jewellery

If you never owned a piece of jewelry and suddenly inherit one from your family members, taking care of the same can actually be a mystery. So whether you just started acting on your passion to collect crafty jewelries or you always had a fascination for the same, taking care of your precious belongings is a must. Safekeeping and timely attention will help you flaunt those gorgeous pieces decades from now.

So here you go with some of the best methods to take care of your jewelries.

1-Simple Is The Way To Go:

Even though you would assume that there is a need for expensive or fancy cleaners or solvents for your jewelry it just might be an over assumption of the scenario. The fact is that instead of chemicals, you should opt for warm soap mixed water and clean the ornaments in slow rotating motions. This will avoid any unnecessary chemical reactions with the jewelry metal that might ruin the overall look.

2-Avoid Sleeping With Jewelry On:

Even if you are used to sleeping with jewelries on, it is time that you start deviating from this habit. When you are asleep, you might not be aware of the fact that the precious stones on the same can dislodge from its place reflecting a distorted look. It is better if you remove them before sleeping. At times, the small pointy edges of the jewelry can scratch your skin and it is safer if you keep them away.

3-Store Them Properly:

Jewelries are a precious investment and require utmost care. So if you simply throw away your treasured belongings here and there, they are sure to bend, scratch, or break away some or the other day. It is highly important that you create a separate box or section for storage of your jewelries so that they are protected from dust or any other issues that might reduce their lifeline.

4-Dress Up Before Wearing Your Jewelry:

It is often said that you should put on the jewelry last but take it off first to avoid the dress or your hairs getting caught up with those precious pieces.

5-Avoid Taking Them Out In Sun:

It is advised that you keep your jewelries away from sun. When you are planning on going out in the sun, make sure you put on a scarf to ensure that direct sunlight doesn’t hit the jewelries. This will ensure that your jewelries last long.

Jewelries are for life and if you want to flaunt that gorgeous piece, make sure you take care of them as yourself. Avoid all these mistakes and you are good to go!

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