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A hasty, static, moderate, compliant love touch

is not enough to pamper the dweller of your sanctum

my-wife-doesnt-love-me-anymore-01The havoc of your heart is the abode of all of the feelings, where they are being nurtured and being faster aged predominantly. Feelings are in visual, unseen, have no physical bodies. Love is a particular type of feelings; sways on the same realm, hence it is not possible for it to become something distinct or different! Love also has no factual shape, and is accurately incorporate. But if you want to add a spark in your emotion urged relationship, want to invoke more cozyness between you two, want to tickle up the ecstasy of romance then you have to flaunt up your temptation through some of the predominant, dexterous physical activities surely and sanguinely. You can yield your lady love a love touch engulfed with abidance very frequently and whimsically, whenever you get amenity and optimum ambience to bid up the sizzling giggles on her charming face abundantly. But, a hasty, moderate, compliant touch is not enough to pamper her precisely, who abides in your heart undoubtedly. Let her to endure a persevered, proficient, habile, appetent, zealous, tempted, passion urged, exalted but solider pressure to flaunt up your keenness of love, profound  temptation and tropical prejudice towards the dweller of your sanctum!  She really requires it – there is no clash or conflict on it.

Yes, you have a fire and fury in you but you have to remember some acclaimed tricks and enthusiastic tips also – especially – if you are a novice in this particular niche (you can come up with your own innovative ideas and make a potent and infallible fusion with ours).   timthumb

1)     You want to retrieve the charm of your relationship; you need to reinforce your intention and perseverance – the reanimation of your intimate moments and romantic moods.

2)     Don’t annoy her. Don’t do anything, which is ignominious for her!

3)     Don’t make her ashamed. Don’t let her feel as a trifle or a pray. Treat and denote her as she is a fruition of your prayers.

4)     Don’t try to erode her dignity.

5)     Don’t be a poof, be a tropical troll but don’t assault her.

6)     Don’t do anything, which is condemnable. Accomplish your goal to make her romantically ecstatic and hilarious.

7)     A conjure to you – make any intrigue but enroll yourself as the spark off of her delightfulness.

8)     You want to see a splash of blush in her face, hence don’t yield pressure to the inmate of your heart randomly. Maintain this sequence – firstly yield pressure in her neck (mildly and diligently), then on both of her hands. After that yield pressure on her thighs one by one. Then squeeze her bosoms in a diligent genre. Then the back pale, both of her sides, under arms (axillas), entire area of her chest, both of her buttocks. The Mons gradually. Lastly make the completion of your job by pressing (only pres, don’t insert anything) her vaginal area – the true refuge of enjoyment entirely and two cheeks.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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