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A Holiday in China…

Today, China is considered an economic superpower which plays a main role in defining the world’s future due to its fast pace of change permeating all levels of its ancient culture, in addition to its awe-inspiring sights, fascinating hotels and amazing restaurants.

Travellers to China enjoy its large cities with all the explosive demographic and economic growth, though most of its gigantic concrete cities are overwhelmed with the smoke of ­pollution, and legions of men from the country­side looking for work. However, this can’t deny the beauty of China, especially the mountain fastness of Tibet, the affluent eastern coastline and fertile south; indeed, it is an incredible destination.

Statistics showed that China has 1.35 billion citizen living on 9,572,900 sq km (3,696,100 sq miles). It also has many religions like Buddhism, Daoist and Confucian as well as Muslim, Tibetan Buddhist and Christian minorities.
Now Let’s explore some of its amazing locations…


Best places to Visit in China

Would you like to explore some awe-inspiring ancient treasures and fascinating old towns? check these amazing places for your holiday in China:

       1. The Great Wall: It is a true wonder of the world, as it extends to more than 6,400km                  (4,000 miles).

      2. Shanghai: It is an amazing city full of modern features and unique history and                             architecture at the same time, it is a great place to spend weekends.

      3. Guilin / Yangshuo: This place inspires many painters with its dreamlike landscapes.

  1. Beijing: It is a vast modern metropolis with an array of spectacular sights.
  2. Northwest Yunnan: It is where you can bond with the staggering natural beauty and explore old towns of Dali, Lijiang and other popular destinations which offer excellent tourist facilities.

Best Restaurants in China

China is known for its amazing food, and most countries today has some Chinese restaurants who deliver Chinese food. However, delicious, Chinese food with the local taste can be only achieved by Chinese chefs and Chinese ingredients; thus, the authentic Chinese food remains in China.

Let’s check some of the best restaurants in China:

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1- Bai Wei Zhai Teahouse (Hundred Taste Teahouse)

It is a little classic restaurant located in the famous Ji Min Temple near Xuan Wu Lake. You can enjoy eating dishes with an auspicious name as well as tea and superb vegetarian noodle.

2- Di Shui Dong

This small restaurant is known for serving the best spicy Hunan cuisine like big pots of chilli-laced bubbling stock, in which diners cook meat, tofu and veggies.

3- Mr & Mrs Bund

Chic atmosphere and global French fare with family-style service is what this amazing, modern eatery by Paul Pairet providing all his visitors. Here, you can enjoy foie gras crumble and to-die-for lemon tart, as well as more than 250 classic dishes.

4- Nanxiang Mantou Dian

Johnny apple, a late New York Times reviewer, claimed that this is his favorite restaurant. So, try xiao long and a scalding hot soup and you will get amazed by this place.

5- Sir Elly’s

In this restaurant you can taste the delicious lobster, diver scallops, wagyu beef and other incredible ingredients from around the world.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go to China.

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