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A letter to the girl I could never love

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I love you. I always have. But not the kind of love you wanted, but a love one craves for in a true friend. Today I understand your pain just the way you understand my feelings for her. Yes! I have finally found the love I had always delved for.

She wakes me up at dawn &walks with me barefoot in the garden, makes me listen to the beautiful chirping of the birds & returns home only to see rays of the sun hitting her room forming a geometrical pattern. A girl who gets overwhelmed by seeing clouds swim behind the trees, enjoys the unearthly feeling of the first drops of the rain. But, let me also tell you that she is one of the craziest lunatics I have ever come across. A girl who has no full stops when she talks, one who devours a burger in a single bite & eventually realizes she shouldn’t have eaten it, one who gets exasperated on small things & within fractions of seconds is back to her normal state. And all this craziness is worth it because she is the most beautiful soul I have ever come across. I long for that one moment after her work when I watch with utmost sincerity, the weariness cut through her face which provides a surge of happiness to me.

I now want to tell you that you’re & always have been a close friend whom I can always count upon. Had you not been one, you wouldn’t have been the first person I would’ve shared my feelings with. You will get a better person for life & trust me, you will. I was, am & will be with you whenever you need me.


The guy who has finally found his love


BY: Prashant Dalwani

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