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A Love story, beyond the limits – Two IAS officers are ready to scattering true love in the air

Tina Dabi and Athar Aamir Khan,both who are adding their name in the amazing and inspiring love story’s list of the world.Hold on, we know that you would be thinking that what is the unique about this love story.There are number of stories around us but why we and other media houses are covering this love story??
OK,friends don’t get so much Stress,because we are here to tell you about this love story,that why it is unique and inspiring.
In 2015, India’s most prestigious examination Civil Services topped by a Delhi  based Girl Tina Dabi. UPSC has recommended 1078 candidate in for All India services and Tina was on first rank in that list and Athar Khan was on 2nd rank.
In one of interview Tina said that Athar liked her at first sight.Yes it is like “pehli najar Wala pyaar”.Next day Aamir was at Tina’s door.And after few months Aamir proposed Tina in an event and she accepted his love.
Now you would be thinking that what is the unique about this love story.we tell you ,in this love story Tina Dabi is a Dalit girl and Aamir Athar Khan is a Kashmiri Muslim.there is caste difference between both but they are not hiding their love from society.
There are many people who are criticizing their relationship because of casteism but they both are ready to face every situation.Recently Tina had posted her picture with Aamir on her Facebook page and updated her relationship status.She wrote in a relationship with  Athar Aamir Khan.
In interview Tina said that she is 23 and a independent girl .She has right to choose her life partner.They both are very much comfortable with each other and the their families are very happy with their decision.Very soon we can get the news of their engagement ceremony,but date is not decided yet.
Well we are here supporting their decision to get married and wishing both for their future journey with lots of love & hug.They will definitely an amazing couple of the world.


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