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A mobile application developed to make management of golf players, coaches & scores easy

The client runs a golf academy offering methodical training to players for various national and international tournaments from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The developed application made management and evaluation of golf players, coaches, and scores quite easy and efficient.

The system was developed by keeping multiple things in mind such as a secure login, ability to set visibility level, report generation in the form of bar graphs & line charts, scorecards for individuals as well as teams, payment gateways and more. The Objective C & Xcode technology based iOS app “Play Golf” turned out to be simple yet a promising system which streamlined the entire golf training procedure for the clients.

Other interesting features included were:
– Read logbook – A Logbook containing date wise notes of players along with their names and provision to add a comment. Moreover, the user can set visibility of comment (i.e. whom the comment should be visible)

– White Logbook- User can enter information for other players or coach or for oneself and set appropriate visibility level

– Scorecard list and details- Shows the list of scores for various matches and option to enter a score for matches played. In addition to this, constructive evaluation is done and provides options to select the environmental conditions under which the game was played.

– Diagrammatic representation of the golf field with options to select position on the golf field by inserting coordinates of position

– iOS app offers a provision to select the number of saves (e.g. Sand saves, rough saves, PAR saves etc.)

– Statistics with line and bar graphs to help analyze various aspects of the matches played

– Allows user to enter the number of putts for ten different rounds and compare the distance of the putts of all rounds

– Provision to enter match test result and fitness test results of player

To tailor the client needs, the team of mobile app developers succeeded in providing an application that enables golf players and coaches to maintain records of golf matches played, scores, test results, and fitness results easily and error free. With the help of graphical representation, coaches can now keep track on the performance of team members and provide suggestions in case of improvement.

Overall, ‘Play golf’ successfully helped amateur golfer to sharpen their skills.

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