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A Mobile Application which brings the ICC Cricket World Cup right to your Ears

Mumbai, India – March 11, 2015 – Never miss a Cricket match with LivescoreAudio, a Mobile Application developed by Impressico Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

 Impressico Business Solutions, a seasoned veteran in developing Mobile Applications has done it again, this time by developing a Mobile Application that brings LIVE cricket matches straight to its users.  In brilliant audio alerts!

 The unique and cool factor of LivescoreAudio which is available to download on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and also on the Windows Phone store is that it covers all the key events occurring in a match –  Boundaries, Dismissals, Player milestones, Innings scores and of course the Final Match Result. Live updates are in the form of visual texts followed with an audio alert. There are various alerts which the users can customize. The alerts play for matches selected by users for Audio.  The app hits the perfect balance between having an inert match experience and an intrusive, all-out audio commentary.

In addition to Cricket, LivescoreAudio also supports Soccer Matches from all around the globe. Users can select from the plethora of the leagues and mark them as favorites for easier access in the future. The Soccer audio alerts range from Goals, Penalties, Yellow/Red cards to the final match result.

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