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A NEW „3-D“ PHENOMENON IN THE FAIRYTALE WORLD On the 20th of May a website was launched to present an all in one book- a philosophy-book, an art-book and a meditation-book directed to parents and their children seeking
peaceful mind, self-development, inner harmony, and personal growth through meditation, yoga and art. 

The author of the book is Dalia Lane, multilingual writer, peacemaker and meditation practitioner, who was looking for a book which could teach and nourish in her daughter inner peace through esthetics, arts and mindful lifestyle.

“Children do not have much choice in the modern world to learn peace of mind and ways to deal with their overwhelming emotions. You know why? Because most of the parents do not know it themselves!”- Dalia Lane says.

The series of books is describing a mindful philosophy and gives tools such as visualizations and mediations developed by the author.
The series will be followed by the production of themed toys, cartoons, apparel, jewelry, and other merchandize which will be available for worldwide shipping through the official website and other online platforms.

First three books of the series are currently published in 4 languages—English, German, French, and Russian, other languages will follow.

“The illustrations are very colorful and unique in their details helping to attract children’s attention. The storyline includes a lot of magical characters. The surreal style of the imagery and metaphorical writing gives adults a chance to contemplate and meditate while reading. So the idea is to give both of them a possibility to enjoy my books together and at the same time.”- Dalia Lane explains.

The Glossary is included at the end of each book in order to assist the parents and children in their conversations about the concepts described in the fairy tales. It is compiled in a concise manner and introduces the world of Fairy Dalia from a slightly different perspective.

In the production chain great attention is paid to the careful use of natural resources and emphasize protection of the environment, thus communicating the values that are the basis of Dalia Lane Creations, the publisher of the series of the books.

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