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Need a client for your business or carrying an innovative brain for a new startup, or are you a student or working professional or housewife and want to start something great, then urbaze a Gurgaon based company is making this dream true.

By Urbaze innovative business mantra across the world, More than 3000+ startups and 2000+ innovative brains are getting mind-blowing results in their startups. Every company nowadays is suffering from money, ideas, clients, management and profit, and Urbaze understands this gap and develops a master key which helps 5000+ companies & startups to grow their business with Learn and Earn Business Service model.

Urbaze is specialised in giving ecommerce services on top ecommerce platforms with good results. Another high demanding service of Urbaze is a dropshipping model, which runs on a totally different concept in the dropshipping world, and recently Urbaze came up with a new exclusive service which is called “Urbaze Learn And Earn Business Service.”

Urbaze understands the need and smartly connects buyer and seller, not like other companies who use an old syllabus. This concept of Learn and Start Business Service is getting popular among working professionals, students, housewives and business owners. According to business analytics experts, “As compared to other countries India came up with 23% higher demand in all sector” with “Learn and Earn Business Service”which is first time started by Urbaze in India, is helping every new small medium and large business startup, along with working professional, students and housewives by giving a new era of starting and growing their business.

Learn and Earn Business Service By Urbaze Price In Just 1999/-

Growing business on social media and other search engines with new proven experiments by the team urbaze is totally different from what others do with their old school books of marketing and breaking down the theory that businesses start with a big budget. Top business experts from Dubai and Canada appreciate the business model. According to sources, urbaze is launching their branches in Dubai and USA for Indians to grow their businesses.

The reason why every second person is using this service is because they are getting Products, Shop & Clients in just 1999/- (INR).In which Urbaze help them to grow in the Indian, Dubai and Canadian market with high demanding products and these products are provided to them by urbaze.


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