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A small secret of staying Happy

So, what is the most freaking word you have ever come across?

I know everyone has a different perspective on this question, but to me, it is ‘FINE’.

“How are you doing today?”


“How is your health today?”


Well, I am not a professional psychiatrist, but one thing I can bet on is that this frenzy word “Fine” can literally turn down your hyperbolic smile to a parabolic expression.  It is absolutely brilliant to say that you are fine in front of everyone, but apart from saying this to everyone-we iterate the same word to ourselves too! And that is the most dubious move we make. We retard ourselves despite having potential. We limit ourselves just to dreams instead of converting them to reality.  Because everything in the world seems fine to us.

Is it so?

No, I guess not.  In India, around 65% of the population suffers from mental depression, psychiatric problems, relationship trifles, and lack of sleep because we feel it is ‘fine’ for us to suffer the same.

Let me tell you something special. I was reading on a medical journal, where a professor was discussing that the probability of feeling ‘low’ (as we refer it as) is 1/4000000000. Yes, you have seen it correctly. Umm, does this, mean we are happy always?  Whatever you have read for the past two minutes are a set of lies?

Well, in that case, let us imagine a situation. The atmosphere around you is chill, and winter has just bosomed to our hearts. In this sweet scenario, if I tell you to wake up at 4 am in the morning, will you?

Will you make that extra effort or you will say ‘Oh no! It’s fine if I sleep for another 3 hours”.

I would prefer the latter option and I guess so as you, hibernating beneath the cozy blanket.

Did you realize what mistake we make? We do not strive for that extra mile. I know it wouldn’t be lovable and within your comfort zone. People, who dive into stew diet just to burn up 1 kg of fat do love chicken stew instead of chicken lasagne kebab? Really? No, it’s they which made that extra effort to be slim not the reverse.

The secret of happiness lies not inside a tablet or some readymade prescribed capsule that you need to purchase and gulp it down along a bottle of whiskey. It lies within you.

It’s high time that you need to drop the word ‘FINE’ and say ‘Holy Shit, I am not well today’, ‘Yes, I am feeling a bit low today’  or maybe like ‘ Amazing, I am high on wings’.

We need to be frank to ourselves. I am suggesting you; try this for at least once. Instead of replying to your girlfriend/boyfriend ‘Aree, I am Fine’’; reply like ‘Oh boy, I am in the center of a mud pool lake today’ or enthusiastically like ‘Superbbbbbbb, I am feeling superb today’

Only when you reverberate these emotions, you will feel an urge of doing something. It is then, you will realize how happy you are.

By: Sayan Basak

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