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A Smart Future Unveiled at ET Smart Mobility Summit 2017

Lao-Tzu, a great philosopher, once said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. True to its meaning, the Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit 2017 marks the beginning of the journey towards smart mobility. Focused on creating a roadmap for the future of transportation in India, the ET Smart Mobility Summit was organized on December 4 at the Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. The summit witnessed the participation of experts and leaders from various domains. There were talks and discussions on important topics such as future of transportation, the need to upgrade transport infrastructure, developing smart technology solutions, increased use of electric vehicles, finding alternative fuels, and the challenges that are there vis-à-vis the future of smart mobility in India.

It’s true that many people, organizations and the government are working towards creating environment-friendly and sustainable transportation solutions. However, most of these efforts have been standalone and conducted in silos, which is why they have had a limited impact. To achieve something big and for large-scale transformation, there’s always the need for concerted efforts. This is exactly what the ET Smart Mobility Summit had aimed for and has achieved. The summit has been successful in providing a common platform, where experts and leaders can corroborate to find pragmatic and sustainable solutions for transforming the future of smart mobility.

It’s easy to assume that you have the perfect solution, but it may as well turn out to be a delusion. An idea or solution, before it’s implemented, has to seek feedback from other experts and leaders. It is only through this process of brainstorming that loopholes can be found and fixed before the actual implementation of the idea or solution. At the ET Smart Mobility Summit, it was interesting to see experts and leaders talk and deliberate on various issues relating to the future of transportation in India. It was both insightful and thought-provoking to witness the experts and leaders express their views and ideas, which were later brainstormed during the panel discussions. It’s certainly impossible to find all the solutions in a single day, but the right beginning has definitely been made at the summit.

As the experts and leaders talked, deliberated and discussed the various facets of smart transportation in India, it turned out to be an insightful experience for the participants. Now, it has become easier to visualize the future, the challenges that lie ahead and the things that need to be done to boost smart mobility. In effect, the ET Smart Mobility Summit 2017 has successfully unveiled the future of transportation in India.

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