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A tab of long lasting freshness with Wrigley’s new Doublemint© Gums

Wrigley India extends brand Doublemint©  to Gums segment

mint newspatrollingNew Delhi, February 28, 2017: Extending its Doublemint© brand to a new segment, Wrigley India, a Mars Inc subsidiary, launched Doublemint© Gums, earlier this month. The newly launched Doublemint© Gums offer a soft, chewy, and long lasting freshness experience. Keeping up with its promise of innovation in products and packs, Wrigley’s Doublemint© Gums has been made available in two most popular flavours – Peppermint and Strongmint, in an international-looking envelope pack which is not only cool and unique but is also reseal-able.

A pack of Doublemint© Gums contains four tabs and has been competitively priced at Rs 5. The newly launched Doublemint© Gums has been made available in 35 cities of India and the product’s retail strategy focuses on traditional retail model.

Commenting on this brand new launch, Yogesh Tewari, Marketing Director, Wrigley India said, “Doublemint© Gums is an extension of the brand Doublemint© into a new segment and we are very happy to have launched it within a few months of launching Doublemint© Mints. The Doublemint© Gums offer on-the-go freshness in a new product format, and is available in a cool, handy and reseal-able pack. Through this launch, Wrigley’s Doublemint© reinforces its brand promise of “Start Something Fresh”. We are very excited to see consumer reactions for the product, and are hopeful that they will like Doublemint© Gums as much they liked Doublemint© Mints”. 

The Doublemint© Gums will be executed in market through the Doublemint© branded WMUs (Wrigley Merchandizing Unit). Like Wrigley’s Doublemint© Mints, Doublemint© Gums will also be supported on television, soon.

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