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A Trip to Milan: 5 Money-Saving Tips for Travelers

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A budget trip to Milan is what every tourist dreams of. Milan is a legendary place of pilgrimage for shopaholics from all over the world: local boutiques, shopping centers and outlet stores are huge chests filled with fashionable treasures. Also, the city became home to one of the most famous works of art in the world – The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. In addition, Milan can serve as a starting point for your trip to the Alps, Venice, Como or Lugano.

Thus, Milan is able to give an unforgettable travel experience, even in case you travel with a small budget. The main thing is to learn some rules of rational spending of money…

When is it cheaper to go to Milan?

Air tickets to Milan and hotel rooms in the city are cheaper in low season – from November till April, with the exception of winter holidays. During these months, prices are reduced to almost 50%. Low cost airlines flying to Milan are Ryanair and WizzAir. If you are lucky, you can get quite an advantageous offer: for example, sometimes you can reach Milan by plane just for 10€. In order to do this, you need to book and search for a cheap ticket 2-3 months before the scheduled trip, as well as follow frequently held promotions on the websites of these airlines.

Accommodation prices in Milan are quite unstable, because this is the financial center of Italy, and influential companies often conduct business meetings there – they take place usually at the end of the week. Also, the city hosts some of the largest exhibitions and events, such as Fashion Week. So, take into consideration these nuances to book a hotel room at attractive price.

How to get from the airports to Milan city center?

Actually, there are three airports in the Lombardy region. Check out the name of the airport of arrival and departure carefully before booking, because some of them are longer and more difficult to get to.

Malpensa (MXP) is the biggest localair gateway, but unfortunately it’s situatedabout 50 kilometers away from the city center. It will be more convenient and cheaper to get to Milan by train or by using rentalcars24h car rental service. The railway station and car rental countersare located at Terminal 1.

Some low cost airlines complete flights from Bergamo-Orio al SerioAirport, which only increases its popularity among tourists. From this airport you can get to the center of Milan by bus for 5€.

Linate Airport (LIN) is the smallest but the closest Milan’s air gateway. However, dueto its small size, it often accepts only domestic and European flights.

Where to eat for cheap in Milan?

On a par with other Italian cities, Milan is famous for its tasty pizza, which has a relatively attractive price. Therefore, for lunch you can safely go to one of the many pizzerias. Also, the city will be able to pamper you with its famous sweetness called panzerotti. These are nutritious pies with various fillings. You can try them in the popular PanzerottiLuini, located near the Piazza Duomo.

The aperitif system helps to save a lot on dinner. These kind of “happy hour” will allow you to get a good enough tasty Italian dishes for cheap. For this reason, you must come to the cafe where this function operates between 6 and 9 o’clock in the evening and pay for a glass of drink. As a result, you will get unlimited access to the buffet.

What sights of Milan can be visited for free?

If you want to check out the main museums and galleries of Milan for free, then this opportunity is available on the very last Sunday of each month. On this day you can enjoy the famous works of art, for example, in the legendary Pinacoteca di Brera. Also, one of the most important historical places – Sforzesco Castle, opens its doors for free every Tuesday after 2pm – you’ll find there the latest work of Michelangelo called “Pieta Rondanini”.

Finally, MuseodelNovecento can be visited for free of charge every day 2 hours before closing and every Friday after 3.30 pm. By the way, free admission applies to young people under 25.

In Milan there are a number of beautiful places and sights, which you can visit for free every day. Among them are the Astronomical Museum and the Brera Botanical Garden, Boschi di Stefano House Museum, Palazzo Reale, Guastalla Gardens, and the Monumental Cemetery of Milan.

What transport to use in Milan?

Milan can be called a relatively small city, and all its main attractions are concentrated mainly in the center. You can walk around it on foot without any problems. Therefore, you will most likely use transport only 2 times a day – from the hotel and back. One ticket costs €1.50 and acts for 90 minutes on buses, subways and trams. Therefore, we advise booking lodging near the metro and enjoying the city without spending much energy and money forgetting to the hotel.

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