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A visit to one of the best hill stations – Manali

Everyone has heard of Manali, and quite a lot of you reading this post must have visited this place too. Through this article I want to share my experience of the place, which was as expected, nothing less that amazing.

newspatrollingWe visited Manali during the onset of winters, and experience a very pleasant and cool environment. With lush green mountains, and beautiful local shops the place looks beautiful. The evenings can be well spent on the mall road, in new Manali. We stayed in old Manali which was less commercial and had old houses and more of foreigners.
There are quite a few adventure sports also that can one indulge in, such as, river crossing, para gliding, etc.

During the night, we spent a couple of hours at one of the famous live music café there. It was such fun, to sing along with everyone present and have dinner along side.



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