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A visual treat for space buffs, as NASA uploads hundreds of space videos on YouTube

In a development that has the led to significant excitement among space buffs, NASA has uploaded a wide variety of videos on YouTube. These videos are being released in the public domain for the first time and they relate to all the various aspects of space travel such as test flights, launch, landing footage, etc. These videos were earlier achieved, but not they have been released in the public domain for the benefit of all those who may be interested in watching such videos and learning more about what space research and travel is all about. The videos are being uploaded on YouTube by NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Centre in California.

Space buffs will have plenty to watch since the number of videos being uploaded on YouTube runs into several hundreds. The decision to upload the videos on YouTube is part of NASA’s continued efforts to allow people to get a glimpse of the historical and path breaking moments in space research and space travel. Some of the footage that has been uploaded dates back to several decades old, which would be very interesting for space buffs. One of the videos even dates back to 1947, which shows the assembly process of D-558 Skystreak aircraft. There’s also the video of 1991 takeoff of a Lockheed Martin SR-71 stealth jet and hypersonic test flights of the unmanned NASA X-43A in 2004.

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