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A young Afghan entrepreneuris changing an Afghan shipping industry

In the ever changing and dynamic environment of entrepreneurial world, only those who contribute extraordinarily leave an enduring impression in the world of business. History knows many such contributors that changed the shape of business world.

One such business personality that has emerged in the recent years is Ajmal Jan Hamdard. Born in the year, Ajmal hails from a Pashtun family, born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. Currently positioned as the President & CEO of AS Logistics, he was associated with several world-known organizations including United Nations, various Afghan governmental bodies and NGOs during the early stages of his career. Post attaining his master’s degree in Business Management, he took over his family business in 2011 and has been leading the shipping and logistics company since then.

Based in Kabul, Afghanistan, his business operates through 11 offices locally throughout Afghanistanand a corporate office in the United Arab Emirates as the international hub for transit cargo. This well-travelled and multilingual young entrepreneur joined the family owned company with an ambition to carry forward its vision of becoming a force in the import and export market. Today, the company has established its roots as a leading provider of logistics and freight services in Afghanistan.

With a passion of creating a revolution in international logistics industry, Ajmal envisioned a future that holds a global presence for his company. It was the outcome of his zeal for the business that the company has gained its identity as an expert in the area of logistic management; and has been able to cater to its clients globally.

It is not an understatement that a business is like a child for an entrepreneur. Believing in the same, Ajmal is one such business personality who commits to put vigorous efforts in every endeavour of his company.

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