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Aadhaar can be used the Chinese way to improve governance through data

The Chinese have their own citizen identity card system and they combine it with Big Data to improve governance. Using an Aadhaar like identification system and Big Data tools, the Chinese government can easily monitor its people and ensure that government services are delivered to the rightful people who need it. Experts in India are now saying that the same technique can be implemented in India since the country already has a robust citizen identification system, Aadhaar. All that’s needed is to power it with Big Data to improve governance and delivery of government services in key areas such as education, health, electricity, water supply, etc.

Director of NASSCOM, Gagan Sabharwal said that some progress has already been made in using Big Data and Aadhaar platform to deliver subsidies for cooking gas and fertilizers, but there’s still a lot more that needs to be done, and inspiration can be taken from the Chinese government, which is using Big Data to improve the quality of life of its citizens. Speaking about the Big Data initiative in China, Chen Gang, Communist Party secretary of Guiyang city said that the Chinese government is using Big Data to improve quality of welfare services and also to make changes to its various programs, as and when needed.

Another good example is the use of Big Data to combat crime, which is being done by the police in Guiyang city of China’s Guizhou province. Using Big Data, the police can track suspects and proactively identify trouble spots.

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