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Aadhaar data completely safe, says UIDAI

After reports came in that Aadhaar data may have been misused, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has rubbished the claims saying that Aadhaar data is completely safe and secure. UIDAI expressed its views via a Twitter post that read, “The personal data of individuals is “fully  safe” and “secure”, and there is no misuse of Aadhaar biometrics”. UIDAI also added that more than Rs 49,000 crore have been saved on account of Aadhaar-based Direct Benefit Transfers in the past two and a half years.

The UIDAI said that it utilizes one of world’s most advanced encryption technologies for transmission and storage of data. This has ensured that no data breach has occurred in the past 7 years. Moreover, UIDAI regularly conducts security audits to prevail over emerging cyber threats. It has some of the best minds in cyber security and the security parameters are regularly updated to eliminate the possibility of data theft or misuse.

Commenting on the specific case of misuse of biometrics, UIDAI said that it was an isolated case involving an employee working with a bank’s Business Correspondent’s company. Moreover, it was just an attempt and the actual misuse did not occur since the security systems automatically detected it and denied it. UIDAI said that relevant action has been initiated against the individual under the Aadhaar Act.

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