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Aadhaar-mobile linking made easier; no need to visit retailer

The government is working on a plan to make Aadhaar-mobile linking easier for subscribers. At present, mobile subscribers are required to visit the retailer to get their mobile linked with Aadhaar. However, this has created problems, as consumers are often wary of visiting retail stores, especially at a time when most things can be accomplished online. Now, the government has come up with a plan wherein mobile subscribers will be able to link their number with Aadhaar using SMS/OTP or an app. The government is currently working to finalize and launch this facility. Work is being carried out at a fast pace since the deadline to link Aadhaar with mobile is February 6, 2018.

What the authorities are planning is that a service number will be activated. Mobile users can type their Aadhaar number and send it as an SMS to the service number provided by the government. After this, the system will send the details to the Aadhaar network, wherein an OTP will be send to the registered mobile number, as given in Aadhaar records. The subscriber will then have to send this OTP to the service number provided by the government. This will effectively verify and link Aadhaar with the respective mobile number. An app will also be launched for smartphones and the basic procedure will be the same. This method of linking Aadhaar with mobile number will surely be beneficial for customers.

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