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Aadhaar/passport/PAN to be made mandatory for domestic flight booking

The government is planning to introduce a new rule, wherein Aadhaar or passport or PAN will be required for booking domestic flights. The government said that this is being done to improve security at airports and during air travel. The plans were announced by Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha. “In the next 90 to 120 days it might not be possible to book an air ticket without either providing some unique ID like PAN, Aadhaar or passport. We are trying to see what else we can have as unique ID so that more people are covered,” Sinha said.

It may be recalled that travellers are already required to produce their identity card before entering an airport. Now, this rule may soon be extended for booking domestic flights. Sources said that this may also be a way to identify people who may not be paying tax and still using air travel. The government is currently seeking inputs from travelers and it will take a decision based on the feedback provided. Sinha said that the new scheme will also help reduce the number of security checks, as people with the right identity can zip through airports.

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