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AAP vs. LG in Delhi; SC decides in favor LG

In the battle of control of Delhi, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Lieutenant Governor (LG). This is a setback for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) that has been clamoring for control over Delhi. However, there was some consolation for AAP, as the Supreme Court said that the LG cannot delay important files beyond a reasonable limit. The top court announced its decision today in response to a petition filed by AAP. In the petition, the AAP had challenged an earlier court order that had given the LG complete control of the national capital. AAP’s counsel, senior lawyer Gopal Subramaniam argued that since the Delhi state government was elected by people, it cannot continue to function without adequate power. Responding to the arguments, the court said that as per the Constitution, the Lieutenant Governor has the final say in matters of the state. The court said that the elected government in Delhi will have to work within this framework.

“Land, police and public order isn’t under you,” the bench headed by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra said. Later, during the arguments, the AAP said that the LG was exceeding his powers in various domains. To this, the court said that AAP needs to provide the specifics in order for the court to take appropriate action. The court said that merely generalizing things would not be enough in the court of law. When AAP responded and mentioned about the delay in approving files, the court said that the LG cannot delay files beyond a certain limit. It also said that appropriate reasons should be provided for the delay in approving files.

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