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Aapna Infotech To Virtual Aapna Infotech – all about the comforts of AAPNAITES

New Delhi, June 21st, 2021: A place where individuals from different backgrounds, religions, and communities come together on a common platform to work towards a predefined goal is called an organization.

The team plays an important role in deciding the culture of the workplace.

AAPNA Infotech, a leading provider of Enterprise Software Development Solutions  & Quality Assurance services has announced that they are going completely virtual for all times to come (yes – beyond COVID).

The ongoing pandemic has really made all companies think and rethink about the way they conduct business, and get work done. For many companies, it has been a big challenge but Aapna has always believed in accepting the changes rather than cribbing over it. This is a part of their culture and they have decided to provide their Commandos with permanent work-from-home facilities which are resulting to be a very successful formula for both company and the team members (aka AAPNA commandoes).

Aapna has realized the huge upside of work from home, and how privileged their industry is to be able to do this for the long term. Going virtual will remove the traveling time, eliminate the office expenses of the team members, help in an excellent balance of life – one can easily spend a sufficient amount of time with their family, and they can smoothly and comfortably work from their hometown – they are not required to move to Delhi for being a part of AAPNA Infotech.

The CEO of Aapna Infotech, Mr. Abhijit Roy has said that ” I strongly believe that the decision of AAPNA going VIRTUAL will bring tremendous value to our team members, as they will be able to have a much better quality of life, and in the long run, this will prove to be beneficial to the organization as well as the people – a true WIN-WIN.”

For doing so they have taken down certain measures in formulated some policies like

  • 100% Virtual– right from a very streamlined onboarding process, to strong infrastructure for team interactions, IT support, virtual FUN activities, virtual training – everything is virtual.
  • Strong Support – Apart from obvious things like laptop and wifi, the company also provides headsets, sends a custom-designed folding workpod, or provides a furniture allowance, etc to give the feel of the office away from the office.
  • Healthy Balance – HR continuously organises fun activities, games, Fundoo Friday, Coffee meetings, and many other activities to make sure it’s not all about work,
  • and lastly, they also plan to conduct Aapna MAHA Utsav where all AAPNAites from all over the country will converge at an exotic location to be “HERE AND NOW” with the entire Aapna family and get to Bond with each other (as soon as the COVID situation normalises to a safe degree).

Currently, the AAPNA commando family is close to 200 strong and the focus is on improving quality rather than quantity. AAPNA management endeavors to work hard on the growth path for every individual, and invests a lot of time and energy to ensure the same. This is coupled with a focus on building a strong “Culture of Ownership” which differentiates the AAPNA Commando force from the rest of the industry and makes it a sought after team to work with.

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