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Accelerate your site speed on Mobile with AMP

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Building a decent site involves several costs. You need to search best domain names and buy the ones that look fine. You would also need to purchase web hosting plan that suits your site requirements. Apart from these web hosting packages you would also need to invest in SEO packages and updating designing or development. However, in order to get the most out of your website you need to make your site user-friendly. One if the recent trend is using AMP technology to enhance the user experience while at the same time enjoying a better business benefits.

In this blog we will discuss various business benefits of AMP and at the end it also has a brief installation guide.

What is AMP?

For the uninformed the AMP refers to a protocol used for renovating website structure with an aim to make it compatible for quick loading and hassle free viewing of your website on a mobile device. However, there are some key factors associated with AMP that make them much more than just mobile optimization of your site.

Better user experience

Due to its sophisticated technology AMPS doubles up the loading speed of your web page as compared to the traditional web pages. It also slashes down the latency to 1/10th.

Business Benefits

  • In terms of user experience it means a faster access to your website, greater engagement that can increase CTR and a better opportunity to turn walk-in visitors into loyal audience.
  • Besides, the fast, uninterrupted speed also encourages mobile users to make online purchase from your site as they are sure that they could be able to complete the ordering process without any delays or difficulties.

Better visibility in search engine results

While the AMP doesn’t affect your DA or PA, it offers a good number of benefits in other areas.

Business Benefits

  • By having the AMP your page becomes an ideal candidate for AMP carousel that appears above traditional search results.
  • It can benefit your site by offering it a prime visibility in the search results thus attracting more clicks and inviting more visitors.

Speed Consistency

Quick loading gets the five stars and makes the visitor happy and encourages them to form a positive view about your site.

  • Besides, the consistency in the speed while opening insider pages of your website further invite them to explore different aspects of the site and it translates to longer stay period.

 Increased engagement

The success of your online endeavours depends upon how efficiently you are able to connect with the visitors. AMP also offers you a better platform to increase the engagement with your visitors and it is not only about the better technique of engagement.

Business benefits

  • There are a number of ways you can interact with your online audience like links, videos, forms etc. and if a visitors uses more than one interactive link it not only adds to the dwelling period but may also increase the chances of conversion by giving you more chances to impact the visitor.
  • Due to the exceptionally fast speed of Amp the interested visitors are most likely to use multiple interactive features that increase their stay while deepening the impact of your site. It also helps them to understand your site/business better.

Optimized delivery

A premium benefit offered by the AMP is the optimized delivery. Your AMP sites automatically cached by the Google and when a mobile user makes a query for any specific page of your website the quick loading AMP version is offered to them.

  • In fact in most of the cases the repeated visitors are more likely to perform the actions that can directly or indirectly benefit your business- like subscribing, purchasing or interacting with other visitors.
  • As the repeated visitors will revisit your site the faster speed will leave a positive impact on them and allow them a good margin of time to “act” rather than “wait” foyour site to be loaded.

How to get AMP?

  • Sign in to your installation with your credentials. And go to Plug-in
  • Click on Add new
  • Go to the search box and search for AMP-wp
  • As it appears click on install and select activate plug-in
  • Go settings and choose permalinks
  • Then click on save changes button
  • You will be prompted to create the pages with /amp. Followed by the page URL. Then go to Permalinks a ck o save changes.
  • Go to the omnibus and place your AMP URL followed by “#development=1” at the end. Press enter.
  • In the option more tools click “developer tools”
  • Select console
  • “AMP validation successful”- This is the message you will receive at the successful completion of the process.


In order to enjoy the maximum benefits out of your online endeavors you need to offer exceptional user experience to the visitors. One thing to consider here is that a wide number of people prefer to surf internet via mobile devices. It is a no-brainer that your site should be mobile-friendly. However, if you would really like to get the cutting edge benefits then it is best to utilize AMP technology on WordPress site. This article talks about the various business benefits of AMP technology and also offers a step by step guide on installing the same.

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