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Acche Din will come when Congress returns to power – Rahul Gandhi

acche-din-will-come-when-congress-returns-to-power-rahul-gandhi Rahul Gandhi is back in Delhi after holidays abroad and he held a meeting with his party leaders today. He targeted PM Modi on various issues such as demonetization. Rahul said that people are still asking then when the ‘Acche Din’ will come. He claimed that Acche Din’ will only come when his own party Congress will be in power at Centre and States. He also described the demonetization as the worst ever decision of Indian history.

Rahul Gandhi went on saying that PM Modi has done something that Congress could not do. He claimed that Modi has destroyed the autonomy of institutions of India such as RBI. Rahul also said that people are talking about Hindu religion are the ones who are destroying such institutions.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi was absent from the party due to health issues.

Congress spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil said after the much anticipated arrival of Rahul Gandhi from his holidays that Rahul Gandhi is the one who led the campaigning against the government’s demonetization move. Rahul will also preside over the ‘Jan Vedna Sammelan’.

He claimed that Rahul Gandhi is not mad for power and have leadership capabilities.

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