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Add a new dimension to your style with trendy Afghan Jewelry

Every trendy girl out there wants to have a piece of Afghan jewelry. From India to USA, these jewelries have created a mad rage! While Afghan jewelry has been integrated into Indian artificial jewelry for many decades now, yet they have a uniqueness of their own. Even the simple motifs look so trendy when worn with the matching outfits. From the simple country girls to the glam sham Bollywood stars everyone is wearing the gorgeous Afghan pieces. It is not a surprise then that women who care about style are always on the lookout for quality jewelry stores to procure their choice of Afghan jewelry.

Known for their intricate carvings, stone inlays and gorgeous looks the Afghan jewelry (also known as Kuchi jewelry) originated from the Kuchi nomads in Afghanistan. Such jewelry is good for everyday use as well as for grand occasions. Primarily, the Kuchi tribe in Afghanistan prepared such jewelry from precious and semi-precious stones to pay tributes to their rulers. Gradually, they started preparing pieces that were apt for daily use and while making these, they used cotton-stung beads, coins and other natural products (such as clay, cloves, nuts which are easily found locally in Afghanistan).

Most trendy Afghan jewelry today

  • Earrings: Afghan jewelry has a way of attracting the eyeballs without looking too flamboyant. It is this perfect balancing that has made the Afghan styled earrings such a hot fashion item. Most popular motifs in this regards are the floral designs and crescent moon cuts. Apart from these, the fine designs made with beads are also highly regarded in the fashion circles.
  • Coin Necklaces: These pieces of jewelry are known for their versatility. They can be worn with practically any type of dress. Wear them with as much grace along traditional attire or the western outfits. Afghan coin necklaces come in various sizes, from the small ones to the double layer mid-length necklace.
  • Afghan Chokers: These are drop dead gorgeous items, which complete your party wear. While the traditional ones are silver or gold plated, the contemporary pieces are made with German silver. These chokers stay high on style and low on spending.

For thousands of years the Kuchi or Pushtun craftsmen, from the remote villages of Afghanistan have kept their art alive. And today the world is awestruck by the beauty of their craftsmanship. Today, these exquisite pieces of jewelry can be easily ordered online. So, this is the perfect opportunity to stylize your wardrobe with some Afghan jewelry!

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