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Adopting a healthy way of life by going organic

Life has taken such turns that often one finds it harrowing to cope up to the breakneck speed. This daily tussle leaves them strung out and yearning for contentment. This is precisely the reason why a holistic approach to life should be adopted, on a large-scale basis. What we put in and on our body contribute greatly to our standard of living and currently the rate of artificialness in our consumption proves to be a roadblock in our path to achieve our fullest. Hence, the move towards an organic way of life is required and here are a few ways to imbibe it:

1.       Go for the staples

Food stands out as the greatest joys of life and consuming food that is healthy and ecologically source can feel wonderful to your body and soul. Think about it- you would certainly be motivated to consume something that you have lovingly prepared from scratch, instead of store sourced products. What you have to marvel at is the fact that there are natural alternatives to almost all chemically and factory prepared products. You can start with replacing some of your daily or weekly grocery items with more natural alternatives and notice the difference. Educate yourself on the best resources that you have around you and opt for them.

2.        Help local food producers

Hey! The local food producers are a treasure trove of goodness that really needs your attention. It should gladden your soul as by purchasing food from local producers, you are helping your local, regional and national economy. This assistance to your community establishes your stance towards reducing green house gasses by cutting out the food miles that are incurred when produce is imported from countries half way around the world. Most importantly, you are helping a family live the extra day and this factor should be compelling enough to make you contribute.

3.       Pay a visit to the farmers markets 

Let’s be honest, the current scenario of machine made product, leaves farmers in a precarious position as the demand for chemical curated products keep increasing. This constricts the avenues for farmers to earn, creating an enormous gap in their livelihood.  It is up to you to be their saviours by simply visiting your local farmers market. Get up close and personal with food producers in your area — ask them about their produce, what is in season (and therefore at its best), what growing practices they use to bring the produce to market, what is their favourite way of enjoying it. This provides you an insight into the kind of privilege that these farmers provide us and teaches us to respect all forms of livelihood, apart from being a great boost to health.

4.       Read between the labels 

We humans have a penchant for doing things in a haste- there’s this contestant fight against the clock that we indulge in on a daily basis. This leads to hasty purchases and bad food consumption. One should always read about what they are consuming as many food items that fill up the grocery cart these days are unrecognizable from what they began as in their raw state, leading to addiction, obesity, diabetes and a host of other health issues.

Your next visit to the supermarket should be an educative one- increase the habit of label reading. Read the fine print and choose on the basis of that- you wouldn’t want all that toxic to affect you. When cooking a meal for the family, look out for products laced in MSG and other chemical condiments- they are bad news for your body and should be kept away from!

5.       Grow something

You may not have the space for a full blown veggie garden that is bursting with ripe tomatoes, plump lettuces and blooming aubergines, yet anybody can find a window sill that will host a modest small pot of one or two herbs. This not only spruces up the kitchen but also adds a feel goof factor as you cook the food that you have grown. Try parsley, basil or oregano as they don’t require much time. You could grow a pot of cherry tomatoes on a balcony, or if you have room for more then there are a lot of veggies that can be grown in tubs and that don’t require a proper garden at all. If you don’t cook, you can snip off some fresh herbs and nibble them as you go about your day.  These are the best ‘vitamin dose’ that the human body requires and probably the most nutrient dense thing you’ll consume all day.


Its true- a healthier life leads to a more beautiful and content living, knowing that you have contributed to the greater good of health. So go on, opt for a healthy living and watch the world thank you in gratitude.

By: Mr.Pankaj Agarwal


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