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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Sales Force Automation

sales force automation

Sales Force Automation is any kind of software for salespeople that can help with their sales processes. Among the systems included are contact management, opportunity management, and email sharing.

In most cases, it’s part of the company’s CRM system. It is used to automatically record all the stages of the sales process. Basically, it tracks all the contact that’s been made with the customer. When you have this information always at arm’s reach, you’ll reduce the risk of sales effort duplications!

Making use of sales force automation can bring about a number of advantages to a company. But it’s only fair to also discuss the disadvantages that it has.


Relevant and Timely Information

Since its most notable function is to keep track and record all of the information about the interactions that you have with your clients and customers, you will always have the latest information that you’ve brought to them. You can also view the other data that you’ve provided them in the past—making sure that there’s won’t be any kind of data duplication!

Reduced Response Time

Your customers will be more than happy because they don’t have to wait long for your responses. This is because you already know what information and data you’ve given, and from that, you’ll easily identify what you should do next and what data you need to give them afterward!

More Accurate Sales Forecasts

Because all of the sales contact information is recorded in just one software, getting predictions for the next sales quarter can be fairly easy—especially if the sales force automation platform has analytics included!

Even without an analytics feature, having all of the information you need in one shared platform makes analyzing past sales information relatively easy!


Time Consuming

Depending on the length of the information you have to input, data entry can be quite time-consuming. Yes, there is software that has automated inputting technology, however, to make it more precise and accurate, sometimes doing it manually is the best course of action. And as with anything manual, it can cost you a bit of your time.

Robotic Tone

Since the information is automated, there won’t be any semblance of personal touch in the data. It can be bad for contacts that really value their personality in their sales efforts. In this situation, you might need a separate file for any kind of personal touch that each information needs.

Getting Accustomed to the Software

Sometimes sales automation can be quite complicated to learn. The software is designed to be an all-around platform that supplements the sales processes. With that being said, non-tech savvy might want to refrain from using it at the start.

Key Takeaway

Every piece of software has their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. When choosing to use sales force automation you should be aware of both the good and the bad that you will get.

Be sure that you weight these factors when choosing to integrate this into your company.

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