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Advantages of dry cleaning that you are unaware about

dry cleaning

Most of the people consider dry cleaning as a luxury, while the truth is that it is in fact a necessity for majority of clothes. If you understand the science of dry cleaning and the washing directions of various fabrics, you would understand that dry cleaning is a must of a section of clothes. And not only for fabric, for certain cases too it is better, like for stain removal, etc.

Sharing few pointers below that indicate the advantages of dry cleaning:

Super convenient:First and most important part is that it is convenient and risk free. The very fact that dry cleaning does not include through washing, you get easily get away from a lot of issues. And not to mention, this leaves you with extra me-time.

  1. Closer attention to details: Dry cleaning is mostly handled by experts/professionals. Hence they know the fabric requirements best, and they pay closer attention to details and the problem areas.
  1. Best for stain or odour removal: Stain or sweat patches often take times to go away. And even if you want to get rid of them instantly, it requires certain specific ingredients/chemical. Not only this, you should also be in a condition to understand if that chemical is good for the fabric that you are using it on. Hence, in order to avoid all the fuss, it is best to seek the expert advice, in this case, the dry cleaners.

Dry cleaning also makes clothes smell fragrant. And this can not always be achieved with hand washing or laundry at home.

  1. Gentle: Dry cleaning is a gentle process and hence it has lesser chances of damaging the garments. Though it is a fact that they use certain hard chemicals but it is only to get rid of certain stains, etc that are too rigid.
  1. Good for woolen wear: Washing woolen clothes in winter is a task in itself. After soaking them in water, each piece becomes so heavy that it is hard to even lift, forget cleaning. And not just washing, drying as well. It takes longer time for them to dry.

Washing these at home might even result in bubbling on the sweater/jackets as woolen clothes needs to be washed differently with mild liquid detergent or shampoo.

  1. Good option for large clothes: For items such as bedsheets, etc. dry cleaning is the best option as had washing these can be a task. And not just washing, drying them also takes a lot of space and time.

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