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Advantages of Travelling Solo

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Travelling is considered to be one of the most constructive activities for the well-being of a person. It rejuvenates you and calms your mind. Whether it’s hitting the beach or trekking in the mountains, the idea of simply stepping away from your surroundings and exploring something different makes our hearts swell with joy. Travelling detoxifies our body like nothing else as if filters out the exhaustion and negativity from the monotony of our work lives, refilling us with positivity, extraordinary experiences and immense knowledge.

While travelling with family, friends and loved ones always makes our vacation memorable and fun, there is something special about travelling solo. One has way more independence, exposure and adventure in travelling alone than tripping with a companion. It is one thing everyone should have in their bucket list.

Here are some of the advantages one has of travelling solo. Let’s take a look-

  • It enhances your confidence and self-reliance

One has such a major confidence boost when travelling alone on a trip. You get to do all things on your own and are solely responsible for yourself. You are not faced by the pressure of dressing a certain way or going to a certain place, and hence you take control of your trip. This is the biggest advantage of travelling solo, as you get an instant confidence boost by going out there completely and managing everything yourself. This is how you truly understand your own needs and likings. Confidence is quite a lot about being bold and trusting your own instinct and that is what you achieve by travelling solo and making your own choices rather than relying on others.

  • Cost-effective

It is but obvious that you save a lot if you travel solo. When you are going with a companion, you tend to spend a little extra as splitting the bills is not always convenient. And sometimes even if you don’t feel like eating at expensive restaurants, you have to adjust for your friend’s sake. But in solo-adventure, you are on your own. You decide on where to go, how to reach places, and where to stay. This way, you end up spending way less and enjoying the trip thoroughly. If you are looking to book your travel and hotel tickets online, there are various great options to select from like Makemytrip and Cleartrip and Yatra. You can avail Cleartrip Coupon Codes from various websites.

  • Time for self-introspection

These days we’re surrounded by technology so much that we hardly ever have time to just sit and reflect upon ourselves. Solo travel helps us do exactly that and more. When you travel alone, you don’t have anybody to constantly chit-chat with and socialise. You can have all the time to yourself without any distractions, to take a walk in a park, lie under a tree and stare at the sky, or just read that book you could never finish otherwise. Solo travelling gives you the freedom of going at your desired pace. You can embrace your company and dwell into some self-introspection.

  • You start enjoying your own company

Sometimes, to revive your system and rejuvenate your mental strength, you need to be alone. Going on a solo trip makes you realise the worth of your own company. You start enjoying your alone time, you are more aware of yourself and everything around you and would actually start craving for this feeling afterwards. Solo-tripping teaches you to find your own energy and focussing on what is in the present.

  • Easier to make friends

Even though you are travelling alone on a solo trip, you still need to socialise a bit to understand the area around and to add a tad-bit adventure. For some solo travellers, the idea of travelling along is simply to find some quality me-time, but for others it can also mean meeting new people and making an adventure out of it. On a solo trip, you can stay at a hostel and make friends with fellow hostellers and explore the city with them. It is much easier to do so on a solo-trip than as you don’t have to worry about your friends mixing up with your new friends.

  • Good for your well-being

It has been scientifically proven that travelling calms your mind which results in a better well-being as well. The way to a healthy body is through a healthy mind, and travel does exactly that. It reduces stress, makes a person happy and relieves one’s inner tensions. Through solo-travelling, one can leave behind personal problems and rejuvenate the lost energy. This will calm the mind and help in improving your well-being as well.

  • Great for creative Projects

Whether it’s working on a novel or writing poetry, or getting your old college guitar out, a solo trip is the best way to work on your creativity and enhancing your intellect.  The advantage of solo travelling is that you are alone in a place with nobody to judge you or demand anything from you. So you are untethered to others’ opinions and can work on have all the creative freedom you need. Travelling alone gives you the time and space to create and do something productive with your time.

  • You are your own travel planner without any guilt

Travelling with others means you have to make adjustments according to their wishes as well. In a group, some may want to explore the town while some may only want to rest and enjoy their vacation in bed. But when you are travelling alone, you can be selfish and make your plans as you like. You know your comfort zone best so you can save money and custom-make your travel plans according to what you like. Nobody can tell you what to do or not to do. Solo travel is all about you planning your own vacation in the way you want it.

Travelling itself is so refreshing and beneficial for our system. In this era of busy work lives and pressure to compete, a person needs vacations and trips to rebuild the lost energy. Travelling is the best exercise for us to expand our mental horizons and reconnect with nature. And traveling solo teaches us to keep ourselves unique and not lose our identity in the humdrum of work. There are so many websites that have offers and coupons like Cleartrip Coupon Codes to make our solo trips easier. We should definitely give it a try at least once in our lives. So whenever you get a chance, plan a trip to pamper yourself and make the most out of it.

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