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Affimity: All New Way to gather a Fan Following

affimity newspatrollingEven Beethoven’s music does not appeal to the senses of a deaf person, for he is unable to hear! How many times have you written something really amazing and it has just got lost in the crowd? Many times, I guess. The social media bandwagon has ensured there are plenty of avenues to socially share content. But if the persons on the other side are not responsive to what is being written, then all the sharing is a mere waste of time. When much is being said about the marketing and promotional advantages of social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and the likes, do they really generate the kind of fan following a good write up should get? The answer is: No.

Let us start with the heartbeat of modern day social media aka Facebook. You have over 1000 friends and followers to your profile. You have written one of your best Tech blogs and share it with everyone, but there are no Tech fans attached with you. So, the engagement rate would probably not even cross 1% of the total list. Isn’t it a complete waste of potential? Similarly, Google+ is another great way of connecting with friends and people. But here again, your content would be lost in the crowd due to dissimilar interests.

So, is there no way to mingle both ends – reach out to a large interest and yet have the content catered to only those who are interested? To stop content suffering ignominy in the large crowd of information, proper channelizing of interests is important., the all new friend for bloggers is here! This social network not only has all the social sharing and communicating tools, but it also helps you connect with like minded people, people who share similar interests.

Affimity includes over 35 social media channels such as Tech, Beauty, Gaming, Food, Cricket, etc. Feed received by each of the users is based only on interested topics. You know what that means? Each time you post something, it reaches those who really want to read through! It can improve the performance of your blogs beyond expectation.

Are you ready to embrace this new social network? It has a hassle free registration process () . Apart from the desktop version, Affimity is also available as Android and iOS app.

Don’t wait & try this whole new social network today as I have. Follow me at :

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